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Beer With No Alcohol


Just when you thought you had heard it all, now comes a beer with no alcohol.

Perhaps that was what Slim Dusty was alluding to in his first hit song.

I wonder what the excise on it will be?


It’s not April 1st?

Pricing? If the same marketing logic is applied as for skim milk or Mount Franklin vs Coke, expect it to cost more!

Excise will have nothing to do with it. (Pun intended)


Non-alcoholic beer has been around for decades. I also understand that zero alcohol beer is also available on tap in some countries.

I wonder why all of a sudden it has become news?


Should have gone to :eyeglasses: ‘Woolies’!


I wonder what you would answer if pulled up at a breath testing station when they ask if you have been drinking? Yes, but no?

Perhaps they should have called it ‘Hops on the wagon’? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve been traveling to Sweden each year for the past 15 years and zero alcohol beer is very popular there. Mostly because they essentially have a zero alcohol limit for driving. It’s actually very comparable to normal alcoholic beer if you like beer. I think it’s about changing culture- if the limit for driving was 0.00 (which I believe it should be), it will drive change to always make arrangements for driving if you are going to drink, or accept drinking non alcohol type beer and wines. Interesting side point- drinking and driving in Sweden is very very very rare and unusual- it’s just not done because the culture has shifted which is a good thing as it’s common that you just don’t ever drive if you’re drinking full stop.


As it should be @All4GoodService .

I have no problem with adults doing drugs or drinking if they so choose. On the other hand, driving while having any recreational drug or alcohol in their system should be seen as dangerous and anti-social.

Perhaps here they could start with removing the “under the influence of …” as a legal defence.


Another beer you shouldn’t drink before you drive: brewed marijuana beer


As it turns out, we actually reviewed non-alcoholic beer recently :beers:


In Europe many bars have non-alcoholic beer on tap, next to the alcoholic varieties. This possibly removes potential stigma associated with drinking a non-alcohol beers as it comes in the same glass and looks the same as its cousins. Also, when one orders at the bar, unless they are overheard, others would not know that it alcohol free.

It would be great if the same could be done in Australia…rather than either not been sold in pubs/bars…or if it is, only sold in stubbies which gives the game away.

In relation to the scoring, I have tried the Coopers and Erdinger much prefer the Erdinger. Find the Coopers is a little ‘softdrinky’ and has a slightly stale taste. As with any taste tests, preference is in the eye if the beholder and one needs to try a few to see which one is to ones liking. Interested in trying the Calton Zero and others in the future now as well.

Also, the other criticism of non-alcoholic beers is that they generally cost the same as the alcoholic cousins, even though they are not subject to the same taxing regimes. They should be substantially cheaper. Maybe this is something for Choice to look into because if they were a lot cheaper, I am sure that more would be consumed instead of alcoholic ones.


The line that there had been no problem “It is absolutely not recommended for under-18s. It’s been over six months since we launched and we haven’t had issues with under-18s drinking it” is probably because the under 18’s are actually getting the alcoholic beverage instead because they like the alcoholic kick rather than just the taste. “Schoolies” should be enough of a heads up about the easy access to alcoholic beverages that under age drinkers can easily get and at times abuse.