Beauty Toning device

Would love to hear your advice please on whether I should request a refund on a beauty toning device I purchased on line. Device arrived but had a priming gel that expired in May 2020 and the toning device was half charged. I suspect this is not a new unit as expected. Company has said charging happened during manufacturing testing and will refund money for a new primer if I buy it on another site. Would like to return all goods and ask for a refund. Is it worthwhile doing this? Do I have any grounds for demanding refund. Thank you so much for your time and replies.


Welcome to the community @Chris20

It is possible you received old stock. It is not uncommon for old stock having rechargeable batteries to be partially depleted on receipt, and often times they come with a minimal charge from testing as the vendor claimed.

If the batteries were (eg) standard alkalines that would be suspicious since their shelf life is many years.

That sounds reasonable but I would provide them the details of ‘another site’ and ask for that amount to be refunded. If ou buy the priming gel and they don’t promptly refund that would be irritating at best.

Was all the packaging and wrapping intact? Was the priming gel opened or sealed? If it is just the expiration date and batteries, and everything else appears in order it would come down to your comfort level.

If you are not comfortable with what you received you could certainly ask for a refund although without some ‘evidence’ it was not as described they could consider it a change of mind. Since they offered to cover the cost of a replacement priming gel it sounds like they might be a decent company that will do the right thing if asked.

If you have an informal chat with them and get knocked back, if you wish to pursue the matter send them a ‘letter of complaint’ using the tool available on Choice or the ACCC web sites.


Was it a best before, manufacturing, expiry or use by date?

I would imagine that a gel wouldn’t go off.


Thank you so much for your welcome and thoughtful replies. The gel primer is marked with an expiry date and as this is a facial toner I am reluctant to used the expired gel on my face. The device does not contain any batteries. It is plugged into a wall socket to charge. I hope this helps. Thank you


As it was noted as partially charged on receipt it means it has internal rechargeable batteries. What you have posted suggests it is old stock, not necessarily used stock.