BBQ Danger Warning

An article regarding a person being injured when their BBQ exploded as well as a general warning regarding being careful when using BBQ’s.

I suspect that fat had vaporised and then exploded when air mixed with it when he lifted the lid.

The boiling point of common fats is around the 350 C mark which would be hard to arrange and it would incinerate your bacon and eggs very quickly so this sounds unlikely to me. I would go for a gas leak as much more likely.

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Some might prefer to cook their bacon and eggs with the lid open?

There is some history on the potential for using bacon fat to produce explosives.

Whether this is possible naturally on the back yard BBQ?

There is an interesting link to a WW2 Disney Cartoon featuring Goofey and Minnie Mouse. US Women were being encouraged to stay at home in the kitchen and save their bacon fat for the war effort. Unfortunately blocked for Aussie audiences in the above link. PC sensitive or Disney just treating Aussies as sub-standard citizens. The cartoon is part of history and an important marker of WW2 American culture?

Influence can be effective when content is obstructed as much as reinvented in ways that tell a different story. The benefit of all that fat put aside. Possibly better for the health of consumers than of any real benefit to the war effort at the time. :wink: