Bathtubs review

Part of the reason is our market position in a global context. It is small and covers lots of territory, much of it regional and remote resulting in support costs above the norm in the EU or North America for example. Further there are some observers (including myself) that views ‘us’ as a dumping ground for old technology and with a compliant government that sets the global lowest denominator for regulation, so yesterday’s products are often imported because they can be - think clearance sales.

Australia got on the ‘kitchen bandwagon’ probably because of the popularity of reno shows but our bathrooms, as I indicated earlier, have been going ‘less’ not more with showers increasingly replacing tubs in new construction and especially apartments.

The result is one can buy most things for a price, but it is sometimes difficult and sometimes easier finding a supplier. The preferred brand? As @mark_m posted walk-in tubs as a product class are available and bidet seats have their own topic here, including links to suppliers.

Those of us living in metro areas might also not appreciate the regions and remote areas where people live on bore or finite tank water creating another set of issues to sell and support in our sometimes hostile environments. While not a large percentage of the population many understand the ‘submarine shower’ where the water goes on then off, then soap up, water back on to rinse, water off, because every drop is precious and even the hallowed espresso machine uses too much so instant is usually the drop of the day with press being high end. A ‘relaxing tub’ is something to enjoy during a visit to ‘the city’.