Bathroom Scales

Choice have never done a test of normal bathroom scales. Most people do not buy body-fat scales but regular bathroom scales. I have had numerous and virtually all of them have expired in less than 3 years. I think maybe moisture gets into them - the ARE bathroom scales. A test would be welcome.


Agree that a test of normal scales would be beneficial.

I had Homedics scale which failed. I bought House & Home brand from Big W in 2020 for under $20. It is going well - 4 strain gauges, large back-lit numbers, glass platform. It does not creak or chime or need to be kicked to turn on or need to squat to read the numbers. It turns on when you step on, flashes until the weight is stable and turns off a few seconds later. Have not changed the battery. Now $15. It isn’t smart - does not record anything. Choose between pounds or kilos.


That’s a poor outcome.
We have two scales. One an old old pressed metal device with a spring balance and mechanical dial. The other a 10+ year old digital with glass plate top. Both are still working. The digital is on it’s second battery.

Interestingly both weight slightly differently and never agree with the GP’s instrument. The mechanical scale is a little sensitive to the floor surface and exactly how you stand in it. The digital scale appears to be indifferent to slight variations in how you place your weight.

If Choice can do some reviews and testing. The products are relatively low cost. How reliable and accurate they are should be very straight forward to assess. There is an unknown or risk if the sample is one of each brand and model. It does not assess any variation permitted by the suppliers QC. Are there golden examples, and are there outliers for accuracy (calibration out of the box)? It may require a caveat on the accuracy score.


I found the House & Home the best of our scales. I can re-weigh myself several times and get the same answer. The Homedics was a bit erratic with its readings (repaired it many times). The old dial machine would change by up to 5kg if you leaned forwards or back and you had to squat to read it accurately. The old balance beam was accurate, but had lost a weight, was bulky and needed calibration.

I participate in a nutrition group. One of the oft asked questions is about scales. Most participants are over 50 with underlying health issues. The fat scales can’t be used by people with implanted medical devices, like Pacemakers, as the small electrical current used to differentiate between fat, muscle, bone etc could interfere with it. Same story with other devices peddled to them eg Circulation Boosters.

These people need a stable, low platform (not a trip hazard) that will not slip. Accurate - I found 4 strain gauges better than 2. Large display that can be read in low light (usually in a corner of the bathroom or early morning). Battery can be changed or unit charged easily.

Hopefully these can be tested alongside fat scales next time.


If you want to find the best scales that last the longest I would go to a bodybuilder forum. They weigh themselves daily (sometimes twice-daily) and will be reliant on accuracy. I am not a bodybuilder but participate in a weight-category sport and the scales I have been using with no problems is similar to the “Vitagood Form Fit Digital Scale and Body Analyzer”. It has lasted for 5 years and counting, but then I am fanatic about venting bathrooms so the steam doesn’t destroy everything in it over time. Best of luck!