Banking Discrimination

There is a thread about the difficulties self funded retirees (and independent business people) have getting credit cards. A new example is that banks are now discriminating against anyone in the broader sex industry just because they can. An interesting report.

With the push to go cashless, payment services as businesses, and now discrimination keeping certain people out of the system, it looks like a prime issue for Choice to start watching.


Thanks @PhilT, I’ll be sure to pass this on to our investigations team :thumbsup:

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The Commonwealth Bank discriminated against a sex worker in Qld who was going for a home loan she was deemed high risk she took it to the Anti Discrimination Council of Qld and won.


Aren’t banks ‘in the broader sex industry’ themselves? I usually feel thoroughly screwed when I’ve had to deal with them …

Maybe its about competition, not risk :slight_smile:

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Is there a link for this? Google did not find it. Ta,


I may be having a slow day but am still not seeing it, where on the site please?

It won’t be on there. You would have to ring the Townsville ADCQ office and ask for Anne Franzmann

Thanks for the clarification. Cheers,