Bank customer service

I used to bank at Citibank. it has a great service. it allocates a staff who you can talk to by phone and email directly. Now the NAB took over Citibank. The customer service has changed.
I wonder if anyone know which bank has a good customer service which I don’t have to wait for a long time on the phone.

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Hi @mwycho, it might be useful providing some information on what type of services you use from a bank…such as personal/home/business loans, credit cards, savings/investment banking etc.

I expect that different services from the same bank may attract different responses.


My experience is that 15 years ago Citibank retail had great customer service for customers (with significant deposits like my parents). They had client liaison officers who knew their clients well, and would assist these clients with their needs.

This changed when Citibank started closing branches and whittling staff numbers down. The client liaison officers disappeared. Overseas call centres replaced the direct local branch contacts, and detailed product knowledge was replaced with generic scripted responses.

I had an almost one year battle with Citibank to have accounts released to me as executor for an estate. I finally had to go to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to force Citibank to release the money. I was finally able to move these accounts away from Citibank after the NAB takover, when neither entity’s staff knew what the result of the merger was going to mean for Citibank customers.

In my opionion, the takover of Citibank by NAB was not so much a pivot as just another lurch in a long serpentine downhill road for Citibank retail.


I have found that good service doesn’t come from the big banks, so I went with the Great Southern Bank. They have a branch in Ringwood, Eastland where they answer the 'phone and give prompt service. I tried opening an Estate Account with the ANZ and it took 6 weeks - the same account took about 5 days with GSB.