Bad property management

Recently had a poor experience with property management as a landlord. Ended a tenancy only to find out unreported damages by tenant and what made it even harder to swallow was the Property Management always siding with tenant plus not reporting it via inspections.
Basically asked the PM what am I paying you for if not acting on my behalf and performing your job properly…no joy as you can imagine. Then approached REIWA, which they’re a member of whom also were “spine-less” which meant I had to rectify ALL the damage at my expense.

Be wary of PM and even if you check them out like I did prior to signing up, follow up regularly by attending the occasional inspection if you can.


Hi @toyojeepman, welcome to the community and it is unfortunate that your first post is about PM issues you are having.

What does your agreement or engagement documents state in relation to their role, inspections etc?

If it states they inspect regularly, report any issues/damage etc…and they didn’t do this, they might not be fulfilling their obligations agreed with you. If this is the case, it might be worth seeking legal advice as you may have grounds to make a claim against them.

If a bond or security deposit was paid by the tenants, any damages caused by the tenant (which isn’t fair wear and tear) should have been taken from the bond. If the PM returned the full bond to the tenant, this might be additional grounds to make a claim. Again, it might be worth seeking legal advice on.


Many people misunderstand what the REIxx are about. They are about protecting and promoting their membership first and foremost.

Hotlinked from their web page ‘about’


or were doing their number one job of protecting/promoting their member.

Advocacy? For the real estate industry.


Sad but true!
Would VCAT, or equivalent, hear a case about a property manager’s negligence?


Property management seems to be a Service in Australian Consumer Law and thus falls under WA’s fair trading office, as well as the WA SAT.

Reference page 24.

In WA this should be useful information


Thanks for all the replies, appreciated.


I’m in a position where the Property Manager ( Sebel Docklands ) told the renters of an apartment I own , have half share , in 2020 that they can claim hardship due to Covid and did not have to pay rent .

There was a class action and some of the participants , 45 in all , were paid . I was not paid and am awaiting on a VCAT hearing .

Am I stupid or something ? I thought I paid the PM to work for me . I am owed $18,000 and it drags on and on . VCAT hearing soon , soon , soon , soon !

I am also a renter and have a great working relationship with the rental provider but seldom get in touch with his PM .No need . He should look after me as I have forked out $110,000 in rent over 6 years . I find it really interesting to be able to look at things from both sides .

Property Management Companies would be on the top of my list for a Royal Commission similar but much broader in context than that which the banks faced .


Totally agree, been on both sides ourselves and find it hard to believe the behavior of some PMs