Avoid Discover Energy

Within 6 months of signing up rates approximately doubled!
When all the retailers slashed their FiT rates and upped their prices towards the end of 2021 we changed to Discover as they still offered a higher Fit for the first 7kwh.
After about 5 months they gave us 2 weeks notice that the FiT would be slashed, we begrudgingly accepted this because their prices were still reasonable.
On the day our FiT was cut we we received another letter notifying us of massive price hikes from 26 May. Peak went from 34c to 75c, Off-peak 21c to 56c
And if you look up their prices right now, only the old prices are listed, even thought the new prices start this week. Very poor form!

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As they say about themselves:
“The belief has brought together a group of innovators, IT geeks, and disruptors of traditional energy supply models.”

The reality is that they are a retailer, and a small one, that has to buy electricity from wholesalers and try to make money.

You can now see what they need to charge you to be profitable, so time to look elsewhere for a sensible longer term supplier.

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Those are astonishingly high.

The other aspect that you need to assess, as part of a holistic examination of which is the best retailer for you, are the fixed daily charges.


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It might be reflecting the ‘new world order’ for the upcoming years?