Automatic Car Wash that has no Detergent

I use a carwash every couple of weeks, but some of the On The Run “Happy Wash” automated machines never seem to have detergent. You get an automated carwash without the detergent which is pretty useless and scratches the car by not dissolving the dirt or grime properly and just rubbing it into the paintwork.
I have complained several times and many just refund your money but some are just belligerent and say you are the only customer that complains and refuse insist I come back and speak to the manager when he is in next.
Have any other people had this issue ?

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No. I only patronise local washes that are well maintained. The rare problem I have had (the wash was part of a BP) went like I reported the problem, they refunded and closed the wash before I was gone pending a maintenance check.

There are other washes not well maintained and after a few problems I voted with my dollars to avoid them, possible because there are a few choices locally. In cases they don’t want to hear complaints and make it inconvenient for customers to report them yet they seem to check the equipment every day so things get fixed. Having on site staff at the moment is often accidental. As economics go it is probably easier and less costly for the wash owner to refund ‘an ask’ than to trip out to check/fix anything beyond the routine schedule.


I would pay a bit more and get a crew to wash it for you once a month.Bit less money in the pocket but a happy consumer and car