Automatic ball throwers or tennis ball launchers for dogs

Hi I was wondering if anybody could recommend a automatic tennis ball launcher for dogs. There are a lot on the market and they are quite expensive with varying reviews so I’d appreciate if somebody could help me on one that is reasonably priced and works well. Also if anybody knows how loud they are because my dog isn’t great with certain noises, and it’s so random the noises that she doesn’t like I’d rather go for low noise then loud, just in case.

I suggest you also check pet sites for ball throwers rather than tennis ball launchers, unless of course you need a dual function one for you that you can also use for your dog. Ball throwers are in the low $100’s as compared to tennis ball machines in the $1,000’s.

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A random hit…


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Have you tried a manual one? Maybe ask if you can try one out at the pet shop. Even if you do not have a strong arm you can use the leverage to throw quite a long way and they only cost a few dollars. No moving parts, no power supply, lightweight, hangs on a string on the verandah or laundry wall, silent except if you grunt like a tennis star.

I find the biggest problem is getting the ball back. Kelpies have a lot of chase, not so much fetch.
I caught it, now I get to eat it, what you want it back for?


‘Au contraire’ you just need one more ball than you have kelpies.

10 out of 10 for your suggestion, they also solve the problem of shoulder joints that refuse to rotate freely.


Have you tried looking at Fly-Ball type outfits as used by dog agility groups. The dog runs up, steps on the trigger and the ball is launched. Must admit I have not looked closely at them, but they are unpowered and portable. Dogs are trained to run up, trigger, chase and bring back. Human puts the ball back in the contraption, resets, and dog(s) go again. They seem to go mad for it.


Here’ more information on Fly-Ball from The Australian Flyball Association Inc

Note that the link to the maker of fly-ball boxes no longer works. However, contacting the organisation will probably give you a lead.


Yeah we have a few manual throwers but between the three dogs it’s party time for pooches here. The kelpie will do it endlessly if we let her. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn my attention to something else while outside and not have kongs, frisbees, sticks, balls dropped at my feet endlessly and not break my neck stepping on one of them.


My mate in Gladstone has a Border Collie who will keep retrieving a tennis ball launched from a manual thrower until he overheats, upon which time he runs down into the seawater to cool down, then comes back for more.