Automated Location Data For 000 Calls

An article regarding automated location data is to be rolled out in Australia for 000 calls using the inbuilt GPS technologt in mobile phones.


And of course this will only ever be used in an emergency… oh, and terrorism. And to find paedophiles. And if you haven’t paid your parking fine on time. Other than in those cases, of course, it’s safe and secure from misuse by any of our government authorities.


If I had a choice I would want the ability to readily provide GPS details with a 000 call. I’ve needed to make several over a lifetime. Next time it could be me out in the bush bitten by a snake. The more you move afterwards the greater the envenomation. That’s after you’ve self applied the snake bite kit.

Will you need to enable access to location tracking on your phone for that service? If so the user still has control, at least on an IPhone.

Does the service have some form of secure handshake or authentication? Or is it also open to possible use by other interested parties with knowledge only of your mobile service number?

If the system is in use OS hopefully there is nothing to fear.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


It is, albeit with a quite different flavour.

In addition to speed dialing 000 my old Samsung phone had an emergency app that if one pressed the prescribed buttons it would enable the GPS, take a picture, and text the photo and coordinates to preset numbers to get help. The triplezero emergency app falls well short of that.

I have not checked these emergency apps as to whether any are locked into the US 911 emergency call but if they were it would be incompetent development, but it seems there is some in the US centric list. Some should work here (?), are less intrusive, and get the job done under user control.

edit: I am sure our government would never stoop to this type of revenue raising. Nope, never :roll_eyes:


And there’s the Emergency Plus app.