Australian Scientists Find AlternativeTo Opioid Pain Relief

An article regarding Australian scientists finding an alternative treatment for pain relief.

While this may be good news, but as they said, "The drug is currently at the discovery phase and scientists are looking for industry partners to take up licences to their patent.

However, it could still be up to a decade before it hits shelves.".

There is way too much puffery happening these days relating to ‘scientific break-throughs’. I understand this is done to generate interest and gain funding in a very fiscally constrained environment.

This is one of those puffery cases with supposition that it MAY work as they hope IF they get funding, AND after a lot of work their (educated) guesses are proven correct.

I very strongly disapprove of these sorts of puffery announcements, as potential patients who MAY potentially benefit IF it eventually works are collateral damage, due to being given unsustainable hope which is crushed when the truth is revealed that there is no cure/relief etc within reach.

As I have said elsewhere on the forum:


Too long for those denied their pain killers because some overdose. When of course not majority of seniors were never dumb enough to have taken opoids for some sort of high - too busy enjoying life when in teens and twenties, thought peers who took free uppers downers purple hearts etc handed out to gain paying customers, idiots. So when asking around here overseas same thing. No one knows of this ‘epidemic’ of overdosing.
So they cut off ppl without the benefit given to druggies of methadone etc weaning off. Why no thought as to harm done . when did doctors forget their oath. Do No Harm>