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Australia is sponsoring a failing gas industry

Gas is not a transition fuel.

We are paying too much for gas. The east coast gas industry – which could be described as a cartel – has consistently set the prices for the Australian domestic consumer and our governments have allowed them to.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has written report after report showing that Australians pay much more for gas than we should, and for substantial lengths of time we have paid more than our Japanese customers for Australian gas. Cartels, incidentally, are an illegal market structure as is the price-fixing that so clearly occurs.


But our future (read that as the right pocket’s profits) is coal and fossil fuels. Reality is demonstrated by government policy to ‘solicit’ support (votes).

This might be The Blueprint for coalition policy, not that previous governments have not stayed mostly along similar policies, albeit for slightly differing reasons.

A dollar for a business is important. A fair go for Australian consumers less so. TweedleDee and TweedleDum seem to agree.