Aussie Cynism Survey

The ABC News website has an interesting article about Aussies being cynical. It incorporates a DIY survey.

I managed to score extremely cynical.

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What if you don’t score well?
Does that make you more or less cynical?

What if you voluntarily opt out of doing the assessment?
Does that make you unAustralian or in true blue tradition a real Australian?

It’s left to us all to wonder whether this is a serious assessment or more cynically just another exercise to play with our minds?

In which instance anyone who does not take the assessment might also be a true cynic?

I’m already blessed with a good dose of self diagnosed cynicism and have elected to skip the test as a pointless waste of my time! :face_with_monocle:


I’m fairly cynical about the results …

… my work here is done :smiling_imp: