Ausgrid holding back on Solar Information

About a month ago I received my second bill after the demise of the NSW feed in tarrifs and was surprised to see that my bill now only shows the amount of solar power I fed into the grid and what I’d be paid (a pittance) for that power. As the account showed me neither the amount of solar I’d generated or the amount I’d used I made an enquiry to my supplier Origin Energy.

After a somewhat heated exchange I was told that ‘Origin did not have the technology to tell me the amount of power I’d generated and used.’ Feeling totally unsatisfied with this line, I contacted the Dept of Fair Trading who put me onto the Water and Energy ombudsman. A few days later they contacted me and I explained that although Origin had included all of the information I required on bills during the tariff period, they now no longer did following a change of meter to the new so called ‘smart meters.’

The ombudsman’s office put the heat on Origin and about a week later I had a call from them. This time I was given the total story and it’s quite interesting. It turns out that Ausgrid have control over my new ‘smart’ meter and Origin is fed information from them which they use to bill me. The lady I spoke to then surprised me by saying that ‘Origin does not have an agreement with Ausgrid to get the information you want even though it was supplied pre meter swap.’ She further went on to say that they were negotiating with Ausgrid to get that information and went on to say, ‘you are not the only Origin solar customer who has made a complaint about this matter.’

What I find so surprising is that Ausgrid is basically withholding information on the entire story and only giving retailers a figure which they say is what I should be paid. Whether in fact the figure they give retailers is in fact true and correct cannot be verified from the information customers get in their bills. I cannot see that this is in any way fair and proper conduct and we’re basically being treated as dumb mushrooms.


Thanks for the tip off @ntw_fox, I’ll flag the info with our investigations team.

You should be able to look at your meter and get the data yourself. What sort of smart meter is it?

Alternatively, you can get your own energy meter and current transducers to monitor solar and grid, and work it out independently, keeping in mind that there could be a few percent variation, depending on the accuracy of your own meter.


I know I can read the meter, but as the data is now collected wirelessly by Ausgrid, I should be given the relevant information. I’m afraid that you’ve missed the point which is, I’m not being given a complete bill and as Origin failed to negotiate and agreement with Ausgrid so that customers can get the information they are entitled to. If you’re happy reading your own meter that’s fine, but don’t expect everybody else to do the same; Basically, I don’t want to read the meter and shouldn’t have to as I’m not a quasi meter reader for Origin or Ausgrid, I’m a customer who pays the bill.

This can easily be estimated by reading the total generation recorded by your inverter (tells you approximately how much your PV has generated) and the amount exported to the grid. The difference between the two is how much solar generation you have used.

In Queensland, I believe that solar use occurs before metering and unless the meter reader reads your inverter display (which is not a calibrated meter), then it would be impossible to give total amount generated and amount of solar used. (note: it is net metering in Queensland and not gross metering whereby all generated is exported).

All states have net metering now, ie only exports above your own loads are measured and paid for with a FiT… or not paid, as is the case in some parts of NSW…