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Arlec Warranty Terms

Hi, I recently purchased an Arlec LED torch. I had a look at the packaging looking for the warranty period. Basically all I could find the warranty was as per my rights under the Australian Consumer Law. I looked on their website and under warranty there was only a claim form. I then checked the Bunnings website and there was no warranty associated with the product description. One other brand showed the warranty period however another unassocated brand also had no warranty description. Just wondering if this is the new normal?


They may just be relying on the ACL and do not provide further warranty beyond the ACL requirements such as refund, replace, or repair at buyers choice if a major fault. Perhaps it will be the new normal as why bother to re-invent the wheel when an Act spells it out.


Bunnings stated to me some time ago that everything they sell has a minimum warranty of 1 year, unless specified as having a longer warranty.

Arlec also states that their products have a 12 month warranty as per the link to the download on their page.


Thanks @Fred123. Interesting about Bunnings response. If this is the case, it implies that if a warranty period is not specified I it defaults to 1 year. Cool. Thank you.


You are welcome.

It was stated by a staff member in an aisle but I expect that it is accurate.


That ok, because the packaging doesn’t indicate a warranty period and in my experience, Bunnings has always treated me fairly when returning faulty goods. So my take on it is that manufacturers are simply calling up Consumer Law as their default position, with no indication regarding their expectation of the actual product life. If this is the case you can find some guidance here: