Are Some People Like Sheep?

In Cairns our local Council empties the green or red bins every week and the yellow (recycle) bins every second week.
Our collection day is Thursday and yesterday was green or red bins only in our street but 4 properties in our street had managed to also place their yellow bins at the kerb and 3 did so a fortnight earlier.
But the absolute classic is Toogood Rd in Bayview Heights which is the boundary for 2 collection zones.
Despite the fact that on any given collection day when only one side of the street will have their yellow bins emptied, one could safely bet London to a brick that there will be at least one yellow bin at the kerb on the other side of the street and often 10 or more.
I can understand some people might not be able to remember their yellow bin collection day in other streets but I cannot believe when you see yellow bins everywhere on the other side of the road that you could still get it wrong.