Apple To Pay $113 Million For Slowing Down Old Phones

Apple is to pay $113 million for slowing down old iPhones.



Assume this only applies to US iPhones, and models that are still supported?


It applies to ALL older I phones, in the hope that people will upgrade. Android phones have plenty competition so are unlikely to do this, one of the reasons I have a Android phone

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The payment is a USA settlement, hence it does not appear to apply to Australian sold iPhones.

The specific models referred to in 2017 were the models 6, 6S, SE, and 7. There was also an offer to replace your older batteries for a large discount as one response.

Apple support for the iPhone (repairs and OS updates) now extends for 7 years from the date of end of sale of a model.

I don’t know what Android brands now offer for support. Until recently we have owned products from Samsung, Huawei and Sony.

Whether you own an Apple or Android (Goggle-fried) product both would like to own your usage profile and details.

This topic is not intending to debate Android vs Apple. There is a broad discussion in the following topic and a link to the latest Choice mobile phone reviews for a more fully informed view.

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My current mobile has been loosing battery power even without using it much still drains. Wjy would i bother getting it repaired when i still get charged for repairs. Maybe if thwy made it to last one wouldn’t have to get fixed up.

All rechargeable batteries, including Li-ion used in phones lose capacity over time. Even though the phones battery monitor will say 100% full, the actual capacity will be a smaller percentage to that of a new phone. Older phones which have been regularly charged, the actual capacity will be significantly less than new…and could be 50% or less of new capacity.

Getting a replacement battery, unless it was OEM, I wouldn’t bother as it is like the battery will be inferior (this is what we have found from experience and posted elsewhere). Replacing a battery on a perfectly good phone makes sense as it should be more cost effective than buying a new one and minimises eWaste. It is worth getting a quote for a battery replacement. Note: if it is an Apple phone and you take it to Apple, they will try and sell you a ‘reconditioned’ phone instead of doing a battery replacement. Don’t accept this as the reconditioned phone may have an older battery which soon will have the same capacity issues.


One reason to consider. The mobile model may not be or soon loose support of critical updates of the OS.

Depending on how and what one uses a mobile phone for the risk can be considerable once updates are no longer provided. There are third party AV products, however they have limitations. Another consideration is the Apps used. Banking and other personally important Apps often only support more recent versions of an OS.

I do know a select few who only ever used their smart phone to receive and make calls. No SMS and a very short contact list with first name and number for caller ID.


Back in the 3GS days, my home button became unreliable, went to Apple “Genius” bar and the phone was replaced with one which had a rubbish battery. Didnt bother again

for those with Macs, and iPhone, there’s a Mac app called Coconut Battery (which is free) and this gives an over all picture of everythng about your battery on your phone and macbooks. I havent tried it with my Apple Watch or iPad. Perhaps I should…