Anyone For Pizza?

Anyone for pizza?

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This is not so clear cut. Let’s start with the fact I have no connection with Dominos, and I don’t know anyone who works there. So I’m not defending them because of any affiliation.

During peak hours, fast food production is bedlam. Food gets put out, staff go flat out, and clean up occurs when it quietens down. This is no different to other places I have worked in or seen.

There is no explanation with the photos. They could have been taken just after a peak period rush, so having food out and on the bench tops is par for the course. Please note that they have black plastic on the benches to make it easy to keep clean.

From the photos,

  • That’s the way prawns look when you defrost them, and the other food looks like catering supplies poured out into plastic containers. I would expect that they would not leave it that way. So no problem there.
  • On the other hand, their cool room may not be functioning at a low enough temperature, and it looks damp. Hence the mould.
  • The mop could be out the back in a utility area, just used and parked there. There doesn’t seem to be food nearby

So it needs to be looked into, but I don’t think that what the photos show it is exceptional.


An article regarding an authentic Italian restaurant in Sydney refusing to put pineapple on pizzas.

He has got the full support of the president of Iceland and myself.


Banning pineapple on pizza would be UnAustralian. :slight_smile:


I would say not offered rather than refusing.

I personally can’t stand pineapple on pizza (noting that pineapple Hawaiian pizzas are a Canadian creation) and would not expect it in on a good Italian restaurant pizza (with Naples origins).


It’s possible that any pizzeria in Australia not offering Australian styled pizza might quickly go out of business.

Traditional Italian pizza always has a thin base, uncooked tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, and basil and toppings. The rules with toppings are few, not many. Although almost any Italian ingredients can be used.

Pineapple, thick sliced processed chunky ham, or bacon don’t quite make it.

There is nothing wrong with a thick bread base, pineapple, ham, bacon, pork, olives, prawns, onion, capsicum and lots of jalapeño chillies on Aussie Pizza. Preferably all at once? The EU can’t trademark that one!


Dumb and Dumber order pizza.

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Domino’s is planning a Halloween surprise pizza offering.


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