Any one know any good company for reverse camera?

I am looking for a good company for reverse camera and parking sensor installation. Anyone know any good ones?
Anyone here tried Carkitmasters? They have a very good feedback.
I am just a crazy extreme car lover. My car is my love. I want the best for it.

I am looking for a “reversing” camera, but a WiFi, magnetic mount type. Mr Z does not want to permanently wire and mount in his Pride & Joy, but is needing a little help to line up the trailer and occasionally to reverse park where there are no convenient reflective shop windows. Friends had bought one from Sweet Home Australia $159, but they are sold out now.

If we wanted a permanent solution, we have a local firm who will install one, connected to the reverse gear, so it turns on automatically in reverse, the monitor is dash mounted with tilt, dim etc. The gear is about $600 - 700 and installation $300 plus depending on mounting preference. So far, all mounting ideas have been rejected due to making holes etc in his Beloved.

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