Anti-virus software - Bitdefender auto-renew

Bitdefender anti-virus software have advised me that their auto-renewals are at full price. For me, as an individual subscriber, that means $AUD118. I responded to their offer of a $49 renewal. They didn’t understand my concern with that situation.
My advice is to cancel auto-renewals and shop around each year.

A friend suggested that Windows Defender (the built in Windows 10 software) + Malware Bytes is all I need.


Many antivirus suites are the same. It is a lot cheaper to buy a new version outright each year rather than taking the easy option … that being paying for the automatic renewal.

We use Norton, and save about $100 per year across 4 devices (buying a new 5 device licence each year compared to the 5 licence renewal). Also check on ebay for someone selling an antivirus package that may have come bundled with a new computer but the licence never activated. These often sell at a significant discount to retail stores.

Choice (member content) recently reviewed desktop and mobile antivirus packages, they can be found here:


Good tip @MalcolmMcP !

I’ve noted that CyberGhost VPN use a similar tactic. It probably applies to many types of subscription software. :sweat:


Windows Defender is OK, but there are better free packages. Check out the Choice evaluations (see the links in @phb response).

I use Spybot & Malware Bytes products together as they cover different things.