Another Coles "Special" Shonky

Whilst at our local Coles yesterday, I noticed that the packs of Coles Bone In Rib Eye Steaks at the front of the display were priced at $26/kg and had “Special” stickers affixed to them, but when I looked at the packs behind the front row, they were priced at the normal $30/kg, and the shelf price displayed $30/kg.

Closer inspection of the labels showed that the packs on “special” were all marked “Best Before 25/07/19” whilst the other packs were all marked “Best Before 27/07/19”.

They were not carry-over stock from the previous week as the product was not on special then at this store although they did pull the same stunt at another local Coles store.

I guess that the packs dated 27/07/19 will be on special tomorrow.

Why do they stoop to this sort of deceptive and misleading conduct instead of doing the right thing and simply labelling them “Reduced To Clear”.

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Whilst at our local Coles today, I spotted this bargain on Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste.

I recognised that $4.80 was the normal price as it is the product that I use so I looked behind the special label to see this.

Whilst it definitely qualifies as deceptive & misleading conduct, I suspect it is simply just another manisfestation of Coles incompetence.


I’ll bet the price is about to rise. I have seen this before - the item is $5, about to go up to $6, so it goes ‘on special’ for $5 - this is the price people remember - then it goes back to the ‘regular’ price of $6 and customers think they had saved $1 rather than “it’s gone up by a dollar!”

Research has shown that customers only remember a few prices. They are taken in by a tag on shelf, even if there is no savings, they think they are saving. That’s why “Everyday Low Prices” tags work, even when there is no discount.

I have an affinity for numbers and I am able to quote prices for many products, so I can spot the trends.