Amazon Scams

Edit: For the latest scam that mimics Amazon click here to go to March 2023.

An article warning regarding an Amazon scam.


Yesterday I received a call on my mobile from 03 9128 8722 with a recorded message stating that it was about the payment of some $700 odd dollars I had just paid Amazon for an iPhone 11, and if it was not correct, to press 1, which I did.

An Asian person with very poor English was connected so I made a number of suggestions as to what they could do which I cannot share with you.

They must have understood what I said as they very rudely hung up in my ear.

Some people should not be working in “customer service”.

I tried calling the number today and it states that the number is invalid or incomplete.


An article regarding the scam.

And the warning on Scamwatch.

What? Don’t dial 1 and miss all the fun?

Whilst I was in our local Coles today, my mobile rang with a call from an unknow number, +6455399861.

When I answered it, a recorded message informed me that it was Amazon calling about the new iPhone that I had just ordered, and if this was not correct, to press 1 to speak to an operator.

I thought that some nearby Coles customers might be about to learn some new words as it is hard to re-educate a scammer by whispering into a phone, but when I pressed 1, the call disconnected.

Perhaps my pressing 1 caused their “system” to recognise my number and my previous advice.


A new iteration for Amazon Prime renewals using some new tricks to some, but old tricks to others. What made the victim realise?

“He said, 'tonight don’t use your internet and it probably won’t take as long tomorrow,” he told her.

It was that unusual comment which finally sparked a realisation in Watkins.

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