Alvey Reels to stay in production ................well here's hoping

As a keen fisho it saddened me last year when I read on Facebook in July 2017 that Alvey Reels , an iconic Australian made quality product , would be shutting down production in October 2017 due to slow sales ./

This morning 30-04-2018 I heard an announcement on the radio urging all fishos to order an Alvey product . When they first announced they were shutting down last year in July so many orders poured in from their loyal fans it has taken to now to complete them . Those orders are drying up . Here’s hoping their new partner keeps them not only going as a company but continues to manufacture the reels in Australia ./

I have 2 Alvey reels a 450 BC and a 500 BC Estuary king Reel . They both have given great service . /

I’ll put a link below for the full story below . Let us hope this Aussie Icon of 97 years stays in business./


Thanks for that Vax. Haven’t had time (correction, haven’t made time) to go fishing in ages so didn’t notice the story last year. Definitely would’ve been a shame if they went under, had my first bird’s nest with an Alvey in the Whitsunday’s as a kid. I got so many bird’s nests back then trying to learn how to cast with those reels my dad started to bring along a half dozen eggs when we went out on a boat. When I asked him why he said I had more chance of catching a sea chook than a fish, so I should bait my nests with eggs lmao. Will have to order one now and see if I’ve improved :stuck_out_tongue:

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Two swivels to suit line thickness about half to one metre apart stops a lot of that twist (close to the hook). I have seen three in use but I personally think it adds too much line weakness to add that third one in but if fishing using lures or similar eg for tailor it does keep a lot of twist out and the casts end up being less a matter of birds nests than they might have been. YMMV but for many years the two swivel technique was my go to fix for twist on Alveys and even on baitcasters. I was a keen surf and rock fisher on the Nth NSW coast for many years.

I guess you could get away with a third if you used steel trace on the last one to the hook, as trace is much stronger so could limit some of that strength lost in the line knots. Anyway with a good surf or active/whippy rod you can have a bit more of your line hanging off for the cast with those extra swivels. The freedom those swivels allow also helps the lure or bait to move more freely on the retrieve and so presents a more attractive movement to the fish you want to hook up.


Handy tip that…honestly never thought of using 2 swivels spaced but makes sense. Always did more lure fishing than bait fishing, think it’s something about the fishing feeling more active than passive with a lure. Have been meaning to learn fly fishing for years for that reason.


I still have my Alvey reel from when I was a child. It still works perfectly. It is something I am using to teach my younger family members to fish on. With a little maintenance and cleaning (clean in fresh water after fishing in salt water, remove the locking nut and grease the shaft etc), the reel will have many more years of life left in it.

Maybe this was the downfall of its success, it makes very good quality reels which last for ever and never need parts or replacement. Good to see an Australian company with such a high quality product, and staying in business.


It may be a coincidence but afternoon , Tuesday 01- 05-2018 , I went fishing with 2 friends for some Redfin in a local lake . I always rig as Graham @grahroll advised using the 2 swivels . That really reduces line twist . /

I took my 2 side casts with me . One to cast out with 2 hooks in dropper pattern above the sinker . The other rod to cast various soft plastic lures around the deeper holes in the lake to see if I could get any takers .:grinning: I ran a Texas style rig pattern for casting the soft plastics in and out . /

As Graham said running the 2 swivels helps a lot . Line choice is also important . I have tried them all over the years with varying degrees of success regarding birds nests . I now use Sunline exclusively on my Alveys . It sits well on the spool and is very , very forgiving on line layering on retrieves . I had no signs of birds nesting yesterday whilst casting the soft plastics . Maybe 50-80 casts in and out maybe more . Bagged 2 Redies on the lures and 7 Carp on the fixed bait :frowning_face:

Just one last tip . Put some tape , I use surgical , on the finger you layer the line on with to prevent line rub and blistering . As a post script .This morning I ordered a new Fibre Glass spool 500bc Jetty Sport Alvey . May they go on producing reels for 1000 years ./

@obbigttam @grahroll @phb Thanks for taking the time to add to the post regarding your experiences with the Alvey Reels .


Another Australian made Reel that is sadly no longer available is the Seamartin . As a child I met Cliff Martin in Lakes Entrance Victoria where he manufactured these reels . He had s small shop and turned the spools , which were made of wood on the original models , on a lathe in the shop ./

Later Neptune Engineering of South Australia purchased the rights to manufacture them . It’s strange . For years I received the Mo Tackle mail order catalogue from Coffs Harbour NSW and the old Seamartins were always listed on around page 18-20 . I remember they were $118 plus shipping costs . /

One day I dont know why I thought something was missing out of the catalogue . We sometimes take things for granted that they will always be there . I phoned Mo Tackle and asked them about the Seamartin reels . I was informed they had ceased production some months before . I think this was aground 2004-2005 . I manage to pick one up new in the box and another as a back up for spares . /

I only wish the fishos had got behind Seamartin like they have Alvey . They were a fine reel . Sadly missed .


Picked up my new Alvey 500BC XL Jetty Sport reel today 13-05-2018 . Will spool it up with line , as shown Sun Line 10 lb , and will let you all know how I go with it . Some good redfin arround at the moment so will , hopefully , get onto a few ,/

By the by .Great service from Alvey and Hooked on bait and Tackle , Hoppers Crosiing , Melbourne . Ordered on Tuesday in the shop Saturday . Phone calls from H on B & T to advise of order status too . Great service as per usual .


Fibreglass or plastic Mike? I remember they moved to Fibreglass many years ago but I just wondered if they had moved into plastic. Looks good but what is that yellow lol and what is “Auto Alert” or is it still the little flicker inside with a newer name? I also like the line capacity declaration, makes it easier to work out how much to safely wind on so not overloading.


Hey Graham . The spool is fibreglass I must admit yellow was not my first choice but it was like this " you can have your choice of colours as long as it’s yellow ":grinning: Its very well made . I compared it to my other 500BC . Unfortunately it was fitted to a rod so did not photograph it . It has a Maroon f/glass spool and a star drag . I prefer the star drag but will no doubt get used to the lever drag . /

Auto alert has me stumped too . It seems that if the fish takes the bait and goes for a run quickly it sounds ??? I dont set it any way . I clip little bells on the rod tips to let me know when there is a bite ./

The reels will take 500 meters of line . I find between 200 -250 meters of the Sun line 10 lb is good for the fishing I do . In the right conditions I can launch a 1 oz ( 25 gm ) sinker just on 100 mts . If I want to run more line on the reel I will back it up with dacron fly line backing and lay the Sun Line over the top of it . That would be a surf fishing scenario . /

All in all very happy with the purchase Graham . It’s great to see the quality of their product has not dropped off even though they have had some hard times . I guess now it’s just a matter of hooking up some fish with it :grin:


Heheh yep gotta love how they give you colour choices (fondly remembering Bakelite and Bakelite colour choices). The alert used to be a metal finger that engaged with a cog on the centre spindle so it clicked when line was wound on or off but I guess it could be a new fangled idea :slight_smile:

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Yep I remember having one of those reels .It had a stainless steel back and this extension lever contraption that turned the clicker on and off . I should have that reel somewhere and yeh I had a choice of colours there too . Bakelite and Bakelite . :grinning:

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