Almond Breeze - healthier in the US

According to their website Almond Breeze have improved their product: “We are proud to announce that Almond Breeze products no longer contain carrageenan. Carrageenan has been replaced by gellan gum.”

I buy it every week because to my taste buds it makes the best non-dairy coffee, but the carrageenan does worry me. I looked at the ingredients list at my local supermarket on the weekend and, you guessed it, the improvement does not apply to Australia. Are they dumping the unhealthy version on us? Or is it just slow to get here?

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Hi @amanda2,
We reached out to customer service at Almond Breeze Australia and received this response regarding the use of carrageenan: “We are currently rolling out product changes in the US and intend to follow suit in Australia. We will be sharing news of future developments with our customers via our Facebook page and website.”

Hope this helps!