Allergic reactions to Cold Power Sensitive with almond milk

It appears that Cold Power has altered the formula of its sensitive brand to include almond milk which has caused numerous allergic reactions in the very customers they are targeting, I.e. those with sensitive skin!

My daughter reacted with a red itchy rash, others with hives.

Just a warning for others out there who regularly used the original - be careful and test before you use the new "improved " product!


Thanks for highlighting this issue @sydneydowers

Given the possibility (one theory that has been proposed in recent years by allergy researchers) that food allergy can develop in babies with eczema who are sensitized to allergens through their compromised skin, this is of great concern. My now 11 year-old son is one such case - he suffered severe eczema from 2 months of age, and went on to be diagnosed with anaphylaxis to dairy, eggs, nuts and shellfish at 8 months of age. Potentially there are multiple factors driving the increased rate of food allergy in our community, but marketing products that contain nuts to people with sensitive skin is a risk-factor we don’t need.

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Ha, that’s my petition. We had to change brands. We bought a bottle of Radiant Sensitive after Cold Power got the almond milk added but on opening the bottle the smell from the added perfume almost bowled us over. How can they justify advertising and marketing laundry detergents to people who require an allergen free detergent when they put all these allergens in the things??? Obviously there’s no law concerning the use of the word sensitive on washing products. It’s like when olive oil would be marketed as light, not because it was a healthier option, but because it wasn’t a dark colour. We now use Aware laundry powder and haven’t looked back.


Great work with the petition. Thanks for the tip, we will check out Aware!

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My wife knows that we have to use the ‘sensitive’ brand of clothes powder, to protect my skin - and then the manufacturer can easily change the formula without any notice!.

It is incredibly difficult to find body soap without ‘fragrance’ - to which my skin generally reacts quite violently. These things are not needed for the product to work, and yet we have to pay more to get products without them! It’s crazy.


I use Aware for sensitive skin. An extra rinse in the machine helps if I’m having a bad day, but I’ve never reacted to the product. It’s also worth visiting an allergenist for options that don’t use chemicals at all.

I use dove sensitive soap bars. They’re low on perfume.

I also recommend the cetaphil range of products from the chemist. They’re a lot cheaper than the cosmetic cleansers and moisturisers women usually have to buy.

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Why not forget all these chemicals and go for something natural. I have been using fair trade soap nuts with either eucalyptus or tea tree oil for years.
Google soap nuts!

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We used many sensitive and natural washes but I must say if I stray from Omo Sensitive my 12 year old eczema is always back with vengeance. Give it a go as I tried many things before finding this keeps it at bay. There is absolutely no fragrance.

Our now 16 year old daughter was another baby with severe eczema who went on to develop multiple food allergies. Laundry detergent containing nut product being marketed to people with sensitive skin is so wrong headed! One thing I’ve noticed is that laundry liquid seems to rinse out better than powder. We’ve had good results (i.e. less eczema) with Omo sensitive laundry liquid.

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