All about Isagenix diets

Lose weight, make money - sounds too good to be true, right?

@KateBrowne explores the claims made by Isagenix, one of the latest diet and lifestyle programs to hit our shores. Let us know your experience with Isagenix or similar programs in the comments below.


Their stomachs are not all that was sucked in :slight_smile:


I often wonder why the people who are sucked in by these faddish diet schemes are not able to just buy and eat normal low calorie food like vegetables, for much less cost… Very similar to the other cleaning product etc schemes that closely resemble pyramid schemes.


The comments on that article are an interesting read, and the number of likes/dislikes seem to show a rallying of the faithful to counter any negative publicity and promote the product.

I have a relative who is constantly on the latest health fad, particularly diet, but also cooking gadgets. It is hard to have a conversation with her because of the constant mantra of pseudo-science and conspiracy theories. What was enthusiastically embraced a few of months ago is now shamefully hidden in a back cupboard or being pushed on us to take it away I can’t have this stuff. I have a good knowledge & education in nutrition & science, yet I can’t hold a candle to a fanatic on Facebook. As much as I would say “eduction is the key” I have failed to sway any of these people. It is very cult like - remember the weird “religious” cults of the 70’s?

The only formalised diet plan I have been on is the CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet. Proven to work, no expensive product to buy (or sell), designed to form healthy eating habits and exercise. $149 for 12 weeks on-line access - fully refundable (T&Cs apply) or $19.95/month. They have other promotions with free book, short course, bring a friend etc. The science behind it is explained, so participants can choose to follow the menu and recipes or free range (as I did). Despite the publicity of “Rachel lost 30kg” the calculator will estimate what you can expect to lose - in my case a very achievable and realistic 1.9kg, and my husband (with his poorer diet) 13.9kg. In short, I achieved a sensible weight loss, at no cost. I have continued on the $19.95/month, partly because I feel this program is worth supporting, but also to have access to the nutrition information on a vast array of foodstuffs.

Choice didn’t include the CSIRO diet in their shadow shop of weight loss providers (now I can’t find that article …) I think it is worth including in any other comparisons with the commercial providers.


Here is the shadow shop article


Thank you @ScottOKeefe - I read it recently, so went through about 6 months of Choice magazines, never thought of on-line! It is 2014. Hope I don’t sound like a “on-eyed convert” to the CSIRO’s plan. Another reason I would recommend it is the adaptations for diabetics, vegetarians and people with food intolerances. The weaknesses (as I see them) is the lack of support for the exercises, there are only animations and videos to guide, and choosing a routine is entirely up to the participant, and I consider some exercises in the ‘beginner’ plans too difficult for some participants who clearly say (in the forums) that they have hip, knee, back problems combined with morbid obesity levels. They offer Dietician appointments (extra fee) but no Exercise Physiologist.

Unfortunately we seem hard-wired to want the quick & simple answer to a complex problem - why exercise and eat healthier food when you can just scoff a shake & stand on a vibrating board for 3 min every 2nd day.

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I am totally against MLM’s but signed up only for personal use, not to sell it. Which you can do to get a price break. I used Isagenix in 2014, Lost weight, felt great but it was expensive and I only had 30lbs to loose so it didnt take me long. I like having a shake instead of full meal, it is quick and easy when you are on the go, which I was. It is now 2024 and I am going to go back on it. Since 2014, I have tried different shakes and snacks and they all tasted horrible. Isagenix was the only brand that actually tasted fabulous and I WANTED to drink or eat it. Because of the taste alone, I am willing to buy it again. No one bothered to mention in your article how it tasted compared to others and for me, that is huge when deciding to spend that kind of money. TASTE MATTERS. TEXTURE MATTERS in products like this, at least to me. It’s a deal breaker!