ALDI - Unusual yet interesting Nutella Jar Sizes

Was at ALDI the other day and noticed some interesting package sizes… for example ALDI stock 900g jars of Nutella, whereas other supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths only stock 500/750/1000g jars. The price of the 900g jar is almost expected… at $8.50 or so. Slap bang between the $7.50 750g jar and the usually $10.00 1 kilo jar. And I’m still here wondering why…
Maybe they just wanna be Good, Different.?


Coles and Woolies also often stock different sizes of the same product from each other. It is but a small part of marketing differentiation and not unusual.

Take a certain soft butter that one sells in 500g tubs and the other in 375g tubs. Without unit pricing (or a calculator) the smaller, more expensive per unit product often looks more enticing even when $0.10 per 100g more expensive. Many shoppers don’t seem to pay attention since the overall cost is small on that single item (but for a weekly shop across products it can add up).

It is akin to shops having unique product numbers for themselves to avoid comparison shipping and their pesky 10% better guarantees. eg smoke and mirrors.


Different yes as Aldi also imports a lot of products to reduce product costs. The different size could be a result of different sizing for a foreign market that particular Nutella factory sends to.

It would be worth seeing if label details, such as location of manufacture or made in country is different.

The Woolworths and Coles Nutella is made in Lithgow NSW.