ALDI - Unit pricing breach

Aldi says ‘we’ve done the maths for you! unit pricing works! Selling three kinds of nuts with the one price tag with unit prices range only. Sorry, I didn’t take a photo and can’t find details on Website. THIS IS ILLEGAL. Each type of nut should have the PER KG price stated. I have complained to ALDI previously but receive stock answers from lovely people who don’t really understand the question.

I am trying to get my head around what you are saying. Are you indicating that Aldi sells say:

  • 500gm peanuts for $5
  • 400gm of walnuts for $5
  • 300gm of cashews for $5

On the shelf label they have the price of $5 for any of the bags of nuts, and a unit pricing on the label of $10 - $16.67/kg.

Is the example (knowing that they aren’t actual Aldi products or prices) representative of the issue you have?

If this is the case and the product is a promotion, then unit pricing isn’t mandated. See page 12 (Promotions where different items are offered at the same price) of

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Your example is correct. There were different packs of nuts offered - all the one price - $3.99…one type was 170g, another was 180g and I’ve forgotten the other. All from in the same box. I was interested in the hazelnuts, 170g but would have needed a calculator to work out the price per KG. or per 100g! ALDI often sells Almonds in one place in kilo pack and in another place in a 1.2kg pack, different prices per kilo……Caveat Emptor!


If they were part of a promotion (this might be open to interpretation), then unit pricing isn’t mandatory. A promotion could be part of their’special buys’. Aldi could then choose what they use which might be the case.

If they are a standard/regular shelf product which is available all the time, a reasonable person would think this would fall outside what would be called a promotion.

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They weren’t with the other nuts, and I haven’t seen these particular packets before…… probably ‘A Special Buy’. As usual, especially with Aldi, it’s Caveat Emptor! No use corresponding with them, as one receives a silly stock answer from some nice person in the Philippines or somewhere!!!

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