Aldi Third Party Warranty Company 'Tempo'

Interested to hear others experiences with this company. They made me jump through hoops to get a warranty paid out that they had agreed on. Basically was told to send through the proof of purchase and they would pay it on a Tuesday or a Thursday. I sent it through Monday. Waited until the following Monday and still nothing. I called them and was told that it was approved and would go through in the next pay eg Tuesday. By Wednesday there was nothing, called again, was told the same thing. I was heading overseas that day so there was little more I could do except email. Sent them three emails, no reply. Finally got my brother to start calling them from Australia. They kept handing him off to some one else. Basically 4 emails, about twenty calls and 4 weeks later I received the money…

Not good enough, I know that if I hadn’t constantly been on them they would never have paid.
Any one else dealt with these guys?


I have had several dealings with Tempo and they have been fantastic every time.
I needed a new connection hose and they supplied an original one much cheaper that the local generic ones.
I needed a new manual for my DVD, and said that a soft copy ie a Pdf would do but they sent me a photocopy of an original at no cost… compared to Mitsubishi who wanted to charge me $35 to photo copy a TV instruction book.

Only dealt with them once and they were appalling. They had every excuse for not honouring the warranty, even with Choice intervention there was no joy. Went on for many months. They appear to be there only to frustrate customers. I have taken the view that anything I buy from Aldi I assume they won’t honour the warranty.