Aldi specials letdown

Hi, just bought a cordless leaf blower from Aldi store,wasn’t informed that it didn’t have a battery, went back to store, was told that it needed a battery to operate, fair enough so I bought a battery and went back home, installed battery and discovered that I couldn’t charge the battery, went back to store, of course guess what ? no charger in stock ! when asked about it and when I could get one the Aldi person replied that I would have to wait two or three months until they were on special again ! my question is is it illegal to sell an appliance that can’t be used ? they did offer refund, but surely that’s not the point, I spent half a day going to and fro ! I really do object to all this and found it very stressful, thumbs down to Aldi.


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It depends on the information provided prior to and on sale.

If it says it is ready to use, it would be classed as misleading.

If it indicated it was a skin (meaning no battery or charger), then a responsible person would expect that a battery/charger would also be needed for it to work.

What did the packaging or advertising material say?

Take this offer.

Often with Aldi special buys, the next special buy wìll be a different model, with potentially a different (incompatible) battery and charger.

If this was the case, you would then need to try and return it in 3-6 months. They could refuse a refund as it is a change of mind and they don’t want a unsaleable item returned…this is their right. If this happens, you will be left with a white elephant.

On a side note, I agree with…

as one would expect them to have sufficient batteries and chargers for their special buy products, as these additional items may be unique and not available elsewhere.


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If this blower is one of the Xfinity range the batteries and chargers are often available on special buys. They are a 20V battery with several levels of amperage.

There isn’t currently a leaf blower in the Special buys so may have been a previous special and had been reduced to sell. When they sell these on Special buys in their Xfinity range they do sell the batteries and chargers. Often they have spare batteries after the sales but often the chargers have sold out.


Aldi is known for having limited quantities of ‘specials’.

The batteries and chargers often work with other products they have previously sold, and there is no way they could anticipate the number of shoppers wanting to buy extra/replacement batteries or replacing chargers for their previously purchased products.


I’m in the same position with a hedge trimmer.
I bought it quite a few years ago, not realising that a battery and charger were not included. I must not have noticed that at the time. A couple of years later, when I finally pulled it out to use, it was not usable, not compatible with any other battery I had or could buy, and I no longer lived within shopping distance of an Aldi.

The only reason I can see for not including battery + charger with the original item is for efficiency–that the same ones are compatible with a range of products and both batteries, chargers and products will be available for an extended period. (In Aldi’s case, this would mean every 3-6 months perhaps.) Is this compatible enough with Aldi’s business model for customers to rely on?

Otherwise, selling the items separately with no guarantee of longer-term inter-compatibility with future items is a recipe for “stranded assets” or even planned obsolescence.


You will find the majority of battery powered power tools these days are primarily sold as skin, eg battery and charger not included. Rather than efficiency it is offering the tool at the lowest possible cost expecting the end consumer will have a power saw, drill, pruner, vac, compressor, nail gun, weed snipper, … , … captive to the same brand with the same battery. It is a marketing strategy that works, and it somewhat reduces the consumer end costs by providing a way to have a few batteries rather than many, many that sit on the shelves unused but slowly degrading over time and requiring top up charging.

Those who don’t buy ‘construction and maintenance toys’ often can get caught out of they are not attentive to what is in the box.

Isn’t that Aldi’s speciality for most best buys? Buy a quantity, sell it cheap and fast, refund easily, and move on to the next time that is most likely a different product.


That + cost is what I meant by efficiency. And I like the idea. I’m just not convinced it’s compatible with the rest of Aldi’s business model, or customers’ access to those products in the long term.

Bigger picture, batteries that are interchangeable between brands, such as we have for products that use smaller batteries, would be preferable.


Unfortunately at present each brand of cordless tool has incompatible batteries which only fit their equipment.

Wouldn’t that be a treat to just have a battery container in the handle and install standard size AA/AAA batteries :slight_smile: Unfortunately, many brands’ battery boxes are made to fit18650 3.7V batteries which are not as readily available here in Australia as overseas.


yes, that would be a good idea ! fancy being able to buy new batteries anywhere, but hang on, then Aldi and others wouldn’t be able to sell their new appliances when the battery dies, that would be so bad for business !


I NEVER buy any special offer from Aldi. They are of poor quality and never last. I will buy things like food sealer bags or food items however. Just look at how many recalls they have had over the years.

Hi, I wish now that I could have got a refund,but now that I have used it the chances are slim ! I have had stuff from Aldi before, and have usually been happy, you have to bear in mind the price of course, but this is the first time that I have had such a letdown, buyer beware !!

Just try again when next in store. Also say they offered a refund last visit and hopefully they honour it a second time.

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On most of their items they do have quite good change of mind refunds some around 60 days.

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yes my try that, the thing is that it had enough battery power to try it and it seems to do a good job, so might hang on and maybe see if I can get a charger on ebay, I would be quite happy to do that !


Been there. Had to return them as they are wider than our Sunbeam branded food sealer. Special in a different way.


It is so easy to just cut a length of the sealer bag that will fit your vacuum sealer and away you go. I’ve never had a problem with the Aldi ones you can get as a special buy.

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The Charger and 2.0 Ah Battery kit when it next comes on sale would be around the $40 mark. Ebay is very expensive for the item from memory.

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On special buys 29 May 2021 there will be 4Ah 20V Xfinity batteries on sale to fit your device at $50 each. Charger for them will be $20 and a 2.0 Ah battery and charger will be $40. My guesstimate for the 2 Ah and charger was pretty close :smiley:

They tend to be popular so you might want to get there early if you want any.

Sorry JBal but you will be disappointed with most if not every cordless item in Aldi’s tool range as the charger and battery are rarely if ever included. They are generally ok for the cost.