Aldi does not have any scales in the shops

When in Aldi store in Tingalpa, Qld, I asked if I could see how much some Lemons weighed which I was planning buy. Asking a store’s assistant for where the scales where, I was was told that none of their stores had scales. How is this possible o means of checking the weight of any item.


Welcome, and good question.

I suggest, if the store is not very busy, you go to the checkout to have the items weighed. Then return to your shopping.


I don’t think this is unique to Aldi. Neither of the two F&V we use have customer accessible scales. I don’t use Woolies very often for F&V. No scales there from memory, although in the dim back of memory last century there were scales. Same for IGA.

If I had a need for a certain quantity of fruit or veg for a recipe I’d need to select more than I required and then ask the checkout operator to put the excess amount to one side by telling them the weight I needed.


My Woolies and Coles both have multiple scales in their F&V areas.


All the Woollies and Coles near us does…one available in F&V area.


I’ve taken no notice lately if the supermarkets I shop in ( Coles, woolies) have scales or not. But I know there used to be a few around the F&V area before the ‘advent’ of the products being already packaged. Not that the scales were very accurate, never did exactly tally with the ones at the checkout.

When I pick up loose veggies I go by how many I need and choose those of similar size to make up the number.
But I can understand that sometimes we need to shop by weight.

Be interesting to see how long the loose products will still be available before the already packaged ones take over altogether.


You are right to wonder about that but then there is something of a consumer backlash against (excess) packaging.


Excessive, yes. But when you buy
green beans already packed, or you
place loose green beans in a small plastic bag, you’re not actually using more packaging @person ?


The bag with the loose beans is more useful to me. :slight_smile:

What you say may not be true i.e. if the packaged version comes with a plastic tray and plastic wrap around the whole thing. For beans specifically you may be correct that there’s not a lot in it. (Different type of plastic though so who knows what difference that might make.)

A significant objection to pre-packaged fruit and veg is that it is inherently inflexible e.g. I want 500g and the pack is 300g. Do I buy two and buy more than I want (waste money and food and packaging resources) or do I buy one and potentially compromise the dish and go a bit hungry?


Totally agree.
Prepackaged products are too much quantity for me (shopping only for one usually) and that would be a problem,
a lot would be just wasted.
But minority groups are seldom catered for. :frowning:


I ventured forth where I seldom go and discovered the truth of the matter. Well at least for our local Woolies. Coles is in the never never.

Good to know others pay more attention to the local supermarket F&V than I. :worried: