Airlines’ sky high “tick box tax”

A CHOICE review of the airlines’ travel insurance policies has found a family of four can save between $445 and $871 by purchasing a standalone policy and avoiding the pricey insurance offered by Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar in their online checkouts. You can read about the findings here.

For a 30 day trip to the United States, Qantas land families with the biggest price hike charging the adult price for children 12 and above for a total cost of $1448. A similar policy though the same insurance provider only costs $577 as it allows anyone under 25 travelling with adults to go for free.

Have you purchased travel insurance through an airline’s online checkout?


It pays to shop around!


Crazy high prices.

My company pays $788.61 annually for 6 staff, this includes family members and even includes any trips for staff that aren’t work related. I’ve checked the exclusions (there are very few) and it’s also one of the most generous policies in terms of excess and benefits.

If you’re doing more than a couple of trips annually it often works out much cheaper to take out an annual policy.

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