Airfryer-Ninja Foodi XL Air Fry Oven - DT200

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to all this and I was hoping to get a review of an air fryer I’m looking at buying.
Has anyone used the Ninja Foodi XL Air Fry Oven - DT200?
We are looking at renovating our kitchen and was deciding if I should get a double wall oven or a single oven and a Ninja type combi oven ?
Any thought would be appreciated.

Hi @EMMY, welcome to the community.

Choice has reviewed airfyers in the past (member content):

which has included a number of Ninja models. Unfortunately model DT200 wasn’t part of their testing program.

While the specific model wasn’t tested, it provided general information about buying an airfryer:

which might be useful for you.

Choice has also tested a airfryer oven combo which might be of use as well:

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Excepting it is impossible to clean in a practical sense we love it.


Thanks for the links, I will definitely have a read of them.


Thanks so much for this review. I have read good things about it but have never had an air fryer to exactly know what to expect. I thought having a combi type oven may make it more practical. You got it at a great price, the cheapest i have seen it is $399 online.


Likewise we had no idea what to expect and it was an impulse purchase, partly because of the sale price vis a vis market prices for it and similar products. Our main oven is a 70cm SMEG that we hardly use any more unless we need its larger capacity or are cooking multiple foods with widely differing temperature requirements.

An interesting feature is while the SMEG can take 8~20 minutes to pre-heat one can put the food in the Ninja and press the ‘go’ button; it ‘preheats to an undefined cooking temperature’ for 90 seconds and then starts its timer counting. For some foods in some modes the Ninja will be done by the time the SMEG is ready to go.


Hi Emmy, I have this two drawer beauty and absolutely love it! I reviewed multiple air fryers and landed on this one with two drawers for its versatility. It’s very simple to use and for the other contributors, yummy crunchy chips. I rarely use oil, maybe a light spray at best. I’m also renovating so don’t have an oven yet and this has been a life saver. Hope this helps. Happy shopping :shopping:

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Thanks for your message. I was trying to decide which would be more useful. The oven combi one or the 2 door one you have talked about. Did you consider the oven combination one at all ?

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Hi Emmy, no. The two drawer option appealed to me as I can have each drawer independent with 6 cooking types and temperatures but the one feature I love the most is the sync function. EG a small roast or chicken Kiev on one side and vegetables in the other. The chicken you set for 20 minutes, veg takes 30. Hit sync and the drawer that takes the longest starts and when it gets to 20 minutes, the other drawer turns on automatically. Hope that helps.

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If you have not previously noted from the prior link and post by @phb Choice has also reviewed the two drawer Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer AF300ANZ. Note the full review is member content.