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I’ve read previous airfryer posts & would like feedback of your favourite please. Mobility constraints see me reliant on benchtop cooking. I no longer have paid membership to read Choice reviews. Its just to cook for 2, roast small meat cuts , veg & bake some scones. Ta,

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Choice offer an online digital subscription and membership. I found it great value with the ability to search for current and recent reviews by product category. ‘

An alternative for those with a local government library card. Not as flexible, but a zero cost way to access the Choice Consumer magazine.


Would highly recommend the Anko airfryer from Kmart. The brand no. is AF1006. Very reasonably priced. It’s not baskets but trays which for us made it a lot more usable. Not sure how the air gets to both sides of what you are cooking in the baskets. It comes with a rotisserie for a small roast or chicken. It has a guide on screen for how long to cook things but I usually recommend to cook them for 1-2 minutes less first to see how it suits your taste, and then let it cook to the time they suggest if you feel it hadn’t been cooked enough. The door also comes off for cleaning.

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Welcome to the community, @SuAkers

Choice latest product reviews (member content) include reviews of several of the Kmart Anko brand Air Fryers and Ovens. It appears that model may no longer be available - superseded?

The latest reviews (some content will be restricted to members of Choice).


Note that Choice members can also add personal reviews to individual products. We’ve found these plus the Choice summaries of good and bad points for a product very helpful when choosing products.

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l’ve been happy with this one, l had the Sunbeam equivalent but it was a bit disappointing so got this to replace it

I belong to a computer group - one of our members told me she bought the Aldi oven airfryer which she says is brilliant and is forever singing its praises. It has a rotating chip basket so you don’t have to mind that. They have them in Aldi currently at a very reasonable price.
I myself have just replaced my old (older than 3 years) kMart round airfryer with a new one ( only because I thought it was finally cooking a little slower than it was previously) and its a bargain at $89. I have done scones in mine but it would not be as easy as an oven style airfryer with mobility issues.
Good luck.

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How timely – I was keen to get an air fryer with ceramic coatings rather than nonstick, and there is a Greenpan one on sale at minimax at the moment for $159. However it is not reviewed anywhere. What to do?

Perhaps someone reading this has purchased one of the Greenpan Air fryers and can share the experience?

If the product is not reviewed one needs to rely on the retailer/seller, Australian Consumer Law and the terms and conditions of any “Express Warranty” included with the sale. For most $159 will be a major expense in the household budget. Wisdom may be to dismiss the possible bargain and buy a product that has reliable objective reviews such as those provided to Choice members. If one buys the Greenpan product and is not satisfied with how it performs is $159 of potential landfill a good decision?

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We initially bought a K-Mart air fryer to try the concept. It was great, although after ~3 years the non-stick coating began disintegrating. We did contemplate replacing it same for same, however I worried that the same problem would occur.
We came across the Instant Vortex Plus, which has an insert tray for the bottom, with a better quality non-stick surface. It lifts out for cleaning (hot soapy water with dish brush), and the bowl of the fryer is easy to wipe out. It is of squat dimensions, sitting lower in profile to the K-Mart one, and the drawer is easy to slide out. The operating panel is on the front of the appliance, so easy to reach (I am short and struggled somewhat with the dials on top of the previous unit). It is electronic, fairly intuitive to operate, and beeps when to load food after heating (which is quick), when to turn if required, and when finished.
We are very happy with this one, even though it cost more to buy - I think you get what you pay for. We bought ours from Amazon a year or so ago.