Air Fryer caused $3,000 of damage to kitchen workbench

I bought an Air fryer. It caused thermal shock to my quartz workbench and cracked it on first use. Over $3,000 to replace it, assuming they don’t crack the glass splashback which the installer wont take responsibility for.

My insurance won’t cover the damage as they class it as accidental damage and we only have accidental damage on contents not property. The kitchen is classed as part of the property.

I have warned the retailer that this appliance is “not fit for purpose” under ACL but they are still selling it. I got a full refund.

How long should I wait for a response from the retailer and how should I approach this ? Its been over 40 days now.
It’s a large national retailer. I am not going to mention the retailer or the manufacturer as my lawyer may get involved if I don’t get satisfaction.

The handbook fails to say that the air fryer has no heat insulation at its base, and does not say it blows 160c hot air downwards on to the workbench (this is not a well designed model like Philips I’ve discovered that does NOT vent downwards).

The handbook diagram fails to indicate that there are hidden hot air vents at the base of the air fryer. Another older handbook online has a diagram that clearly indicates a hot air outlet at the base near the workbench but my version of the handbook omits this very important label.

There are also no warning labels on the device itself to indicate there is a heat issue. Only a warning label high up on the visible top hot air vent.

There is a vague discussion buried in the handbook in a page of words using words like “you may…” . There is no explicit warning that the oven should NEVER be placed on ANY workbench.

I have sent a quote for repair and a letter of Complaint to the retailer. I’ve phoned twice and they are still looking at the complaint.

Thanks for any feedback.

*Please I don’t need feedback similar to …“I always put my air fryer on a wooden chopping board”. LOL *
FYI: The handbook actually says don’t place it on timber.
And yes I know that you can’t put hot pans on to a quartz workbench. Do you think a portable appliance should be for sale that is designed so badly that it will cause damage to any object it’s placed upon ?


Hi @SydneyReader, what a product purchase disaster which should never had happened.

Under the ACL, a manufacturer/retailer is responsible for any damage their product causes. In your case, if the air fryer directly caused the damage due to the products failure or poor design (e.g. as you indicate, not fit for purpose), then the manufacturer/retailer is responsible for making good the damage in addition to a refund on the product.

I would write to them again stating it is 40 days since you made them aware of the damage the product caused, and you require a response within ten (10) business days of receipt of the letter. If you don’t receive a response or the response is not favourable, indicate you will be taking action to ensure you are compensated for the damage the product caused

Be firm, objective and clear in your letter and document everything to date within the letter.

Also send a copy to the airfryers manufacturer (assuming it isn’t a retailer store brand product where the retainer is also seen as the manufacturer/importer/distributer).

BTW, what was the brand and model of the airfryer as other members will be interested in knowing it is one to avoid.


Wow, not often a situation is as clear cut as this. Honestly 1) what benchtop protector would even work under such a device safety and diffuse enough heat to protect the benchtop anyway? and 2) what idiot thought such a design would be OK?

Do you mind mentioning the brand/model of device, as that sounds like a safety concern - imagine someone who uses it on a wood benchtop.


It is worth reporting the product at Report an unsafe product | Product Safety Australia


Update: I’ve been told I will get some feedback next week and it is being taken seriously. So I’ll hold off mentioning anything until then.

I can say it is NOT one of the brands listed below, but please check near the base of your own air fryer to see if it gets warm or hot. (There is a news article online about a Kmart model that caused a similar problem though).

  • Air Roaster Pro
  • DeLonghi
  • EasyCook
  • Healthy Choice
  • Heller
  • Kitchen Couture
  • Kmart Anko
  • Kogan
  • Miracle Chef
  • Philips
  • Sunbeam
  • Tefal
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