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I needed to find a cheaper internet and mobile service for myself. Do Do seemed to be one of the cheapest, so I phoned them to discuss what I need and find out thier prices. At the onset of the call I explained that I am not super techy. I was writing down what the lady was saying, to reference with other companies prices I had. The lady ended up getting frustrated with my many questions by saying “I already it explained that to you madam”. I found that rude and was not about to sign up with them, but they already had my address to send me the new sim card to. After finding the new company I’m going to go with, I phoned Do Do to cancel the sim and they told me to just toss it in the bin and I would not be charged as I had not officially signed up.
My problem now is, I have scoured the email they sent me, but sadly can’t find where/how to unsubscribe from further contact with them. Of course I’m asking my favourite “choicers” who may know how to stop the onslaught of further emails and offers I’m probably going to get from them please? In advance, thankyou.

If it was confirming an offer or sending you information you specifically requested, it isn’t classed as spam and doesn’t need a ‘unsubscribe’ option.

If they start sending you unsolicited emails (spam), these need to have an ‘unsubscribe’ option available to the recipient.


It was to confirm them sending me the sim card, that I could set up via a link. Since they have my email address, I’m pretty sure I’ll get more, which I will unsubscribe from per your advice. As always I appreciate all the advice.:blush:


Their privacy policy FAQ has this on direct marketing

Direct marketing

Personal information collected for direct marketing purposes will only be collected, used or disclosed with the consent of the customer, unless we cannot practically obtain the consent of a customer, in which case we will:

include an ‘unsubscribe’ facility so customers can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time; and
provide details for customers to opt out of receiving further direct marketing communications; and
Include a prominent statement to the fact that a customer may make such a request.

Direct marketing communications may be sent via post, e-mail, telephone, social media sites or other means."

and on contacting the Privacy Officer if you wish to complain or seek further information or correct details

" Complaints and further information

If you would like to complain about a breach of the Australia Privacy Principles, you may contact our Privacy Officer at the details below.
The Privacy Officer will investigate your complaint and notify you of the outcome within a reasonable period of time (usually 30 days).If you disagree with our decision, you may refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) by visiting
If you would like further information on the way we manage personal information, would like to request access to or correction of personal information, or wish to make a complaint, please contact:

Privacy officer
Attention: The Privacy Officer
Address: PO BOX 631, Collins St West, Melbourne VIC 8007"


If the regular unsubscribe doesnt work I will absolutely use this information. Thankyou. :blush::pray:


This isn’t spam and as a result doesn’t need a ‘unsubscribe’ option.

ACMA has information on what is spam (and what isn’t in your case):

The email you received was about a service you inquired about. It was a solicited correspondence, meaning, it was send in direct response to your inquiry.

If you end up on their marketing mailing list and they send you unsolicited marketing materials (viz. spam), then they are required by law to provide an unsubscribe option which works. Works means to be removed from any recipient lists for unsolicited marketing emails.

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For ‘best practices’ companies often have an unsubscribe and/or an ‘update marketing preferences’.

@grahroll’s advice seems your best mechanism to get it stopped as you are a)not their customer and b)do not wish to become their customer.

However a single acknowledgement email is not spam since it relates specifically to a SIM shipment you instigated and if you think about that, you probably want to receive that kind of message. Looking at it from a practical viewpoint you should want to know a SIM was sent so you would expect it, and even chase it up if it went missing. Consider if the latter, and a miscreant received it they could try to activate it hoping you had an account so it could (in theory) become a privacy and security matter.

Sometimes ‘the system’ is not amenable to being easy or responsive so your other option to avoid seeing the unwanted communications - if it persists for more than say a month - is to complain to ACMA and also make an email filter as was described in your topic about temu to mark it as spam and delete it.

Although I cannot comment on Dodo’s customer service you could also ring them in an otherwise idle moment and ask them to stop sending emails because you are not a customer and have decided you are not going to become one. It might be another month before all related emails are out of their system and your inbox is left without Dodo solicitations and information you do not wish to receive.


Was with Dodo for a number of years, on dialup. Here’s my take: @Pachy be grateful you were unable to sign up. They have dubious accounting processes, having continued to charge me for my non-existent service (I had left them by email and phonecall, and was no longer connected) for 3-4 months after. A friend of mine was charged double and then for another 6 months after she left. This was many years ago (25 or more) but I doubt that things would have improved. Dodo - Don’t.


Good Grief,
It sounds like I dodged a bullet there! As always ALL the advice you “Choicers” take the time to send me, is very much appreciated. Thankyou.