Advice on purchase of new camera

Unfortunately the brand of Digital camera I use , Samsung , has been put on a production hiatus . I believe they are leaving the Digital camera market . My camera is starting to how its age and I am looking to replace it. The main contenders are the Panasonic Lumix DMC G7 , Pansonic Lumix GX 8 or the Panasonic GH4 . I wear glasses and am left eye dominant . Looking forward to your advice . As a footnote I’m more interested in shooting stills than video.

I researched these exact 3 cameras a couple of months ago. Due to my budget I had decided to compromise on the G7 (a very good camera but did not have IOS or a metal body). My first choice was the GX8 as it is a newer model, has 20MP (vs 16MP with the other cameras) and excellent specifications in other areas. The only negative was not having an inbuilt flash, however, I do not go out at night with a camera so much anymore so decided I would live with that negative. When I finally decided to make the purchase I went to a brilliant camera store when visiting Sydney (I live in Cairns) and was delighted that the GX8 was on sale at a price within my budget.
I have now owned my GX8 for 3 months, I’m still mastering its many benefits but could not speak highly enough of it.
The only comment I can’t assist with is in regard to your vision requirements.

@michele.creecy Thanks Michele the GX8 was already high on my list . View finder on left side of body could b e a problem but will see .If it feels comfortable will purchase a GX8, Have you checked out the new Panasonics released at Photokina in Germany . A G7 replacement called the G80/85 depending on here or Europe . Thanks again for input . I found a sub $200 flash unit that was quite good .Will post it ion forum for you when I find it again

Which side of your brain is dominant?

If a person is left eye dominant then the right side of the brain is the dominant side . I am naturally right handed , re writing , eating , golf , tennis , but anything that has to be aimed like shooting and archery , billiards I’m left handed . Right eye dominant people naturally have left side brain dominance.