Adidas Slides

I have seen Addidas Slides advertised for casual wear. I am elderly and need a good pair of slip-on shoes (unable to bend to tie laces etc.) Are they really as good as the name implies? I like to walk short distances and wonder if these slides will not hinder me in this exercise. I hear they are good when getting out of the shower, which interests me. Anyone with experience with these shoes, please let me know. Thank you.


Here’s another option for you:
Arch Support Slides - Classic - Tan – Archies Footwear | AU

(there are plenty of other colours available). I haven’t used the slides, but can vouch for the quality/comfort of their thongs - have bought several pairs for myself & family members.

It appears that, as with the thongs, a gentle ‘breaking in’ process will be needed; this is the returns/refund policy

An Australian company too!


I have recently bought the Archies arch support slides, but as with the Archies thongs, I’ve found them too tight, and there is no “give” in the strap.

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Have you tried any of these solutions??

Slides and thongs are dangerous for us older folk. Physios and Occupational therapists do not recommend them. I did a falls-prevention course with my late-husband.
Generally slides are not comfortable for older people because of the need to ‘grip’ the feet to hold them on - thus a trip can happen.
I recently, stupidly, bought a supposedly pair to get me from the pool to shower. I found them hard on my feet and, upwithin a few steps, the dog walked on the back of one and almost sent me over. Message received - I gave them to my daughter.
Perhaps quick drying slippers or slip on/slip off sandals?
There must be expert advice on this site. :hugs:
Or maybe do some Googling.

I had a hip replacement 2.5 weeks ago - so am definitely going to be protecting myself against a trip or fall in the future. Good luck. Takes no chances is a good insurance policy. JJ🥰


Thank you for your input. Am awaiting a report from a physio now as mixed reactions received.

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Thank you for your response. After much deliberation, I have decided not to go for this kind of footwear. Awaiting Physio report as to best shoes to get for summer.


Sounds like a good solution. Assume the report is based on a personal assessment. Our GP was able to refer my aging father to a physio which minimised the costs.
(QLD Health) also offers the following. Assume similar is provided in all parts of the country.

From the guide

It’s similar to,

As easy as it is to slide one’s foot into open backed footwear or loose fitting styles it looks to be a higher risk as we age. Admitting we are is always difficult. Noted in the QLD Guide there are recommendations for lower heel heights and how the sole should flex. I’ve had that discussion with the podiatrist. It explains why some styles of footwear I have tend to trip me up.

The extra long shoe horns can make getting a good fitting shoe onto an older foot so much easier. They used to be $0.99 back in the day. I can still find them for a few dollars. ‘Buy Comfy Feet Shoe Horn Long Online at Chemist Warehouse®


I keep a long shoe horn in a few different places - eg one outside for putting on dog walking boots. For sneakers and loafers there’s one in the bedroom. There’s one in the lounge too. Essential. My sheep skin slippers are well-fitting moccasins with a firm sole. Sandals are Columbia or Teva with adjustable buckles across the foot and ankle.
I’ve not worn a heel for thirty years. I see older women in clunky heeled sandals and I shudder for their well-being.


That’s great advice. I do have a long shoe horn, but have difficulty in bending etc. I’m with you over the wearing of heels. I have never worn high heels as I am 5ft 10ins tall, and had a bit of a complex when younger as most men my age were shorter than me. I agree though, watching girls wear these shoes gives me shudders. Are you on Facebook at all, wouldn’t mind being able to chat occasionally. Im on FB under (edited for privacy) from Tasmania. Just friend request and I will reply. Thank you for your advice.

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Thank you, I’ll give it as try.

I have the same problem so went to have a look at the SKETCHERS shoes. I bought a pair of slip ons and am very happy with them.They are not cheap but you get what you pay for. Have had them for a few weeks now and when I wear them all day I come home with my feet feeling the same as I put them on.

Thank you Bob1949. I do have a pair of sketchers, which are slip-ons, but I have problems putting them on. Also, my feet swell so much when I wear them. But thanks for the suggestion., they are good shoes.

It sounds like you do have aproblem. Hope you find what your looking for. Cheers.

As a nurse I’m concerned about you wearing this type of footwear as they don’t provide any kind of support or protection but, I’m not sure of your age. If you’re having trouble with laces I suggest you buy a good pair of sneakers and elastic shoe laces. I’ve had a back problem for years and know what you mean. So, you lace them up, buy a long shoe horn and away you go. No bending, no tying laces or doing up buckles. I hope this helps.


As a nurse I agree with you… up to a point. I have similar issues to Elsa, and have chosen to go with the Birkenstock Boston style of shoe. No back, easy to slide on and buckles to change the fit when your feet swell up as mine do, also. KMart have knockoffs (called round-toed clogs) and are excellent at $20 a pair.

I need some good walking shoes though and elastic laces seem to be a good idea. Will try that, myself.

The problem involves swelling feet, so sneakers are bad for this. I have tried using elastic laces, but they were not ideal. I have a long-handled shoe horn, but with my shaky hands as well, and the fact that I have had an ankle fusion, they don’t always work. I currently get around in a pair of slippers, but as you say they are not supportive. I will keep trying to work something out. Thank you for your input.

I will give the KMart clogs a go, you never know and $20.00 isn’t too much to pay. Thank you for your suggestion.

Have you tried elastic laces with ‘no tie’ lace adaptors? Those might be helpful to people whose feet swell. It should be easy to loosen (or tighten, for that matter) the laces as necessary without having to untie and retie them.

The type below look to me to be easy to use. Some of the other loosenable ones look rather fiddly.

I too am Tasmanian and elderly and I wear Ugg Slippers, around the house, the sizing is womens. I can’t comment on other brands. I find that the shoe comes off if I catch my foot sideways when I may have had a fall if I had been wearing lace ups but I can’t comment on outdoor use except to the clothes line. For some reason they don’t seem to catch with forward motion. If you are only wearing these after showering they may suit you. They do have arch support.