Accident Investigation Scam

My wife had a minor accident on Thursday. This was reported to our insurer RAC to whom I gave my mobile no. as a contact. I visited their nominated repairer on Friday for the quote and book in etc., they also had my mobile no. Lo and behold I get a call on my mobile the same day which turned out to be one of the Accident Investigation Scams. I’ve had further unrecognised calls today. So where did they get my number from I wonder. I only give out my mobile number to trusted people and only answer if I can see who it is.


This will be the scam…

If you had answered the call, which sounds like you did, they will keep trying the scam on you as they know you will answer up their calls. If you indicated unintentionally in first contact you had been in an accident recently, this would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull… they know in such case the success of their scam increases… …resulting in multiple calls.

If you did give any information to them, be on the lookout for identifty theft.

They often use robocallling which cycle through numbers, calls these numbers waiting for a call to ce answered. As you have a mobile number, eventually your number will cycle through and be called randomly, irrespective of who you may have given your number to or if your number is unlisted.

If you are concerned, ask the panel beater if they passed on your mobile number to anyone. Their answer is likely to be no and the scam call has happened to be a coincidence (in relation to soon after your crash).


I didn’t answer the call. I don’t answer calls these days from numbers I don’t recognise. I looked the number up online and found out what it was about. I don’t believe it was a coincidence either.