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ACCC takes Australia's largest caravan maker to Federal Court

Jayco is in hot water after denying refunds or replacements despite major failures with its caravans.

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Perhaps the well used phrase “about time it happened” is very apt here.


“largest maker of caravans” maybe :wink: oooh picky and it’s only Thursday. I believe the largest van they do is around 25 ft.


Definitely not the largest vans at 25ft :grinning:. I think they have the largest dealer network, so we might need to clarify that one.


That’s one down.

I believe that a broom needs to be taken through the whole camper industry covering the rest of the caravan industry, camper trailer manufacturers, and camper-van camper-bus manufacturers.

Far too many of them manufacture and sell substandard, or even non compliant products.


A case of 1. A $75,000 fine will surely get Jayco’s attention. Surely it will? Now will they pay up?


Well, Jayco’s not a Telco many Ozzies love to hate, is it?

As a comparison Telstra have just been fined $1.5 million for refusing to port phone numbers early in 2020. Which is less expensive to walk away from, a Telco, or a lemon caravan?

To the staff and legal team at the ACCC, perhaps they need to get out a bit more?


Jayco’s revenue in 2015 was $500 million in comparison to Telstra’s revenue in 2020 of $26 billion, so with some 50 times the revenue of Jayco, Telstra’s fine was only 20 times as much as Jayco’s fine.

Go camping in a Jayco?


I have said it before and say it again that many/most/all of the fines meted out seem paltry in relation to the offences. I often think the fines are just considered everyday cost of business, an annoyance like an itch, but once paid it becomes just business as usual.

I also believe that as a deterrent they really don’t change behaviours other than in some cases make behaviour more ‘sneaky’ They many even start to use what I term ‘weasel words’ so they can continue on their merry path but avoid ACL consequences in the future. Fines need to be really painful, such that bonuses and similar perks for the management are not paid because of the financial outcome. Deterrence needs to be strong enough that a business would not practice what they thought would be subject to that pain.

On top of this I strongly believe when it is underhanded practices, that the upper echelons of a business caught doing so should face personal fines, and if warranted time spent behind bars. Not at all likely to see those outcomes in the short to medium term particularly in the political climate we currently live in. Long term term I guess it may be somewhat more likely but again not holding my breath in that hope.


MAY I SAY - The timing of this decision was so “on point for a battle that I was having with a Kickstarter project.”

I requested a refund as the project was 8 months over timeline and was informed that I was not entitled to a refund. After using the ‘choice articles’ and contacing the ACCC for advice I wrote to the project creator (who btw used to live in Australia and now lives in USA hiding behind international law) along with an article featured about his company from a major news source…And VOILA - refund actioned!!

KEEP UP the good work CHOICE and everyone who posts here, you gave me the strength to fight this!!


Can you name this grub so as to forewarn others?

Chargeasap… Uses crowd funding from Kuckstarter and Indiegogo along with minor investment partners. This project has amassed over $2.6 MIL on both of these platforms. There. attitude was "we got your money - you’ll get your item when we want to ship it.

As stated as soon as the Jayco prosecution along with the federal legislation was presented, all of a sudden the refund was possible.

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