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About bad service from COMPARE THE MARKET these people are very pushy and are so aggressive .when i wanted a quote on better health insurance policy he said it would only be a 5 minute chat on the phone. this turned into a rather long conversation of 30 plus minutes. Me as a normal consumer am still aware of whats around me enough but i really didst like how i was pushed into a situation where i felt pressured to but the policy which i did. Sometimes i may not be assertive enough but why are they allowed to be abrupt. Surely they shouldn’t be allowed to be like that. I doubt i will contact them again just warning other consumers out there be careful with them if you ever even send them a message online expect to get harassed by them. Someone like choice has to step in and or ombudsmen has to cahnge the way they work seems ridiculous how they work. just letting you know about pushy service very over the top ok.