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Hi Brendan. I love Choice campaigns and heartily applaud all involved for their passionate work on behalf of the Australian public. I have to take issue with one thing though, and it’s something I’m passionate about so feel the need to raise it.

Yesterday I received an email from regarding the Lemon Laws - a campaign I signed the petition for and fully agree with. My issue is that the latest email requested that I like/share the campaign on Facebook. Now I understand Facebook has a huge following despite it’s attitude towards user’s privacy and how it treats their data, and that’s why Choice maybe feels a need to be there. On the other hand I’m surprised and saddened that Choice is actively encouraging people to use a company that is so loose with people’s online data and privacy. I personally stopped using Facebook a while back and will never use it again (or anything with the same business model), and would encourage more people to do the same.

I know I can just ignore the campaign request, which of course is what I am doing lol. As I said though I’m passionate so I had to make it known. I may be the only person at Choice or in the Choice community that feels that way and if so, will just go the ignore route with future Facebook requests :slight_smile:


I am sure you aren’t the only Facebook non user. The ability to Tweet or use other Social Media would be useful eg an email link we could send out to our friends & to email the companies involved. Nothing is a perfect answer I suspect but allowing the ability to use any that a particular person prefers would broaden the “attack base”.


Thanks for sharing the feedback, we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable or to take an action that they’d rather not. If it helps, we are always thinking about how to reach the right audience for a campaign and that’s one reason we decided to include the link to Facebook. However, consider your concerns noted and again thanks for the comments :+1:


Twitter link is

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