A3 printers

I am looking for a A3 printer that has two separate paper trays for A4 & A3 that also auto scans and print A3 paper.
It is only for home office so am limited for space any recommendation appreciated.


There are some reviewed recently by Choice (member content) that fit your criteria.


Welcome to the community @Bronwyn,

There are many A3 MFC printers with 2 paper trays, one that can be filled with A3 and the other A4. Some will duplex A4 and A3, others will duplex A4 but only print A3 one-sided, and for scanning some will only scan up to ‘legal’ size, some will manually scan an A3, some have ‘A3 compatible’ ADFs but are formally specified as being 2mm too narrow for A3. You will not get a duplex scan function, esp w/A3, unless you go well up-price.

Brother, Epson, Oki, and Canon have a number of models that might suit. If you want to go ‘big time’ the commercial business machine suppliers have many that should suit, for $1,000’s although usually floor standing or larger than home office types. I am a fan of Brother because they do not play games with recognising compatible inks, and Epson has eco-tank models that significantly reduce the cost of printing if that is important.

I stay away from HP because they have a history of firmware releases that brick units not having HP inks installed, until HP inks are installed. They have been prosecuted or sued every few years for that practice. I had a few Canons over the years and found them best for photo printing but not general office work.

Choice has a review (member content) that includes a model that might interest you, although with a single tray as tested.

If you reply with what is important for printing and scanning (colour, laser, inkjet, duplex printing, duplex scanning, 2 trays, everything works the same for A3 and A4, or can be different for each, price point, and so on) ‘we’ would better understand what you want.


Hi @Bronwyn, I purchased a HP jet pro 7740 Wide Format All-in-Printer a couple of years ago for home use. It’s Ok. Does A3 / A4, duplex, Bluetooth to print anywhere in the house and an email address to print remotely. Biggest bugbear for me is it is very sensitive when reloading the paper. It’s pretty big & I ended up putting it under the desk.

Do you have access to the Choice articles that @syncretic suggested? They are very useful.