A good and honest car dents/paint repairer in Sydney?

Does anyone have a Sydney-based car paint/dents specialist they can recommend? I finally took the corner of my narrow bricklined driveway too tightly and have a ugly scrape that has already started to rust in the last 24 hours. :flushed: Hoping there’s someone around who won’t fleece me given my lack of knowledge about car repairs and also do a good job.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Commenting because I’m also interested!

Someone sideswiped me while I was sitting in my parked car so I won’t have to pay for it, but I don’t want to go somewhere unreasonable…

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We use Barry Smith Holden for panel beating jobs. They are very reasonable. If it is not an insurance job, they can offer you a reasonable job for a reasonable price.
Barry Smith, 343 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills 2120 Tel 02 9483 3333

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Don’t use PB Smash repairs in Nowra. We had to take them NCAT for work they charged for and did not do.

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Thanks @yanillaav and @clare.johno!

I got a recommendation to have a look at whatscratch.com.au and Monza Smash Repairs in Marrickville as well. I will let you know how I go.

I won’t be using insurance for this, so am curious how that shapes the interaction too.

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Try this panel beater. Phone no. 0401 098 688
His name is Sun, 7 Claremont Ave Greenacre NSW
My neighbour used him on my recommendation and thought the price was fantastic! Good luck

I’d also recommend Monsa, they used to be the repairs for Leichhardt Council and
I was referred to them when a council truck side swiped my car, I’ve used them several times
since, unusually honest, located short walk from Tempe station.
Be very careful with the come to your home chip repairers, rip-off in my experience.

Good morning . I did that exact SAME thing a week after we got our brand new car. Was ropeable on my not being more careful .
We’ve repaired it since then ,though .
Lastly ,I like your initial post about being ripped off .
Have a great day .