$80,000 buys you a Perfectly designed Shonky

Polestar has designed the prefect Shonky with the latest Electrical Vehicle – the Polestar 2.

A sister company to Volvo, under the Geely ownership, and hiring ex Volvo AU management they aught to know what they are doing but this is what we have seen so far:

• Test Drives commenced in October 2021 and travelled most states.
• Buyers put down $500 reservations in October 2021, including specifying the options.
• Emails came in January advising the orders would open soon and that delivery would be 12 weeks from contract. Orders opened 14th February. The next day 12 weeks became an average of 25 weeks.
• Safety features are removed from cars fully contracted due to a chip shortage. While other brands have done the same, this Shanghai based manufacturer didn’t tell their own AU management team in advance – it was customers who called them after noticing changes on the OS controlled website, leaving local powerless, management scrambling for answers. There was a price reduction and a promise to notify within 14 days if your order was affected. That becomes 5 weeks (i.e., after the 14day cooling off period) and every pre order lost the features.
• Turns out there was a partial chip shortage – and they took them off contracted customers in Australia and gave them to the USA market – for prospective buyers. Not honouring locked in customers to try to boost USA sales is a nasty business cunning. That’s uber-shonky.
• As a specialist EV seller, they seemed not aware of the legal requirement to have a blue “EV” label on the number plates. In February , three of the four cars booked solidly for test drives didn’t have the triangles – exposing hundreds of prospective buyers to a fine of $136 and on demerit point ( varies by state). They knew enough to have one with the label, but not all? That is Shonky.
• As an online only seller in Australia, the plan was to set up delivery, display and help centres in every state called “Spaces.” As at May they are still adverting for staff, but only in Sydney and Melbourne. No Space has opened anywhere, and it seems no plans outside of SYD and MEL.
• No servicing or repair arrangements have been made anywhere in Australia (perhaps soon in Perth). Some buyers have taken delivery of their cars by choosing pre-configured cars.
• The android system and hardware are glitchy with well-known problems appearing again in Australia.( the car has been in EU and USA for a year and forums full of the same faults)
• With no servicing facilities, owners have had to DIY: pull off interior panels to get to the TCAM (modem) units to try battery pull resets.
o One car was DOA on delivery. The only remedy was to fly in the inhouse technician from Sydney.
o Another had a Propulsion unit failure, and all the Roadside assistance could say is that that have had zero training and all they could do was have it towed. The third tow operator didn’t refuse to touch the car and took it to a holding yard. The promised loan vehicle never appeared, and no one could tell when the 8-day old car would be repaired.
o Calls to the service department with car faults are ignored – no call returned three days later is a common complaint.
• Polestar require full prepayment, registration, and insurance to be in place and only then will they schedule delivery. But delivery shortcomings means that many have waited 5 weeks and one cash buyer paid $100,000 for a top-of-the-line model and has waited 8 weeks with no delivery scheduled.
• Buyers are financially exposed. If this newcomer, with no Australian assets go into receivership they will lose the lot.
• They “forgot” that Registration is a state issue and have been unable to set up registration, delaying deliveries even further. It still seems to be no solution in the ACT. Buyers have even offered to take a NSW registered car, or an unregistered car but Polestar refuse yet don’t have a plan in place. All the Dealers in ACT have said “no” ( as did very Volvo dealer in Australia)
• Buyers have paid for their cars, are starting to pay interest, and can even see their cars in the online system of the logistics company in Sydney. But the cars are not being released. “soon “ is all they are advised.

There we go – the prefect Shonky – perfectly (un) planned. Deliveries slowly taking place. Orders gratefully received and not one service centre contracted let alone mechanics trained.
Did I mention no spares warehouse setup – not even an ordering system. Buyers who pre ordered a Towbar have got the car, but no towbar in sight and no one knows where they are going to get them delivered and fitted.

A glitchy new car with no service network ready for at least a year. More tears to come and surely a world class Shonky!


A Mega Tactical Nuclear Shonky!

Got to ask, are you in the queue, already a ‘lucky’ owner, a friend of one, or ?


That all sounds truly horrid. You provide a lot of details about this matter. How do you come to know so much about it? Do you (or did you) have any relationship with the vendor or anyone in the business? Where might we go to get the vendor’s side of the story, has anything been published?


Polestar 2 pricing starts at $59900 plus on road costs.

There are numerous reviews on line from noted motoring publishers including the link on release pricing correct as of early April 2022.

On the issue of chip shortages affecting the model features.

The Polestar 2 is available initially as a direct - on line purchase. Which may explain some comments re dealerships. Vehicle deliveries appear to have commenced from late March this year. Some of the commented on issues seem unexpected for a vehicle that has been available in the OS market for some time. The Polestar 2 is built on the same EV platform as the Volvo XC40 recharge available in Europe since Aug 2021?

Is the greater cause for concern the performance of the importer - retail chain?


Sometimes early buyers of new products into a market take a big risk. On lots of things like price, support, bugs, and you seem to have copped the lot.
Maybe this car will become a good product in Australia in a few years time.


I had an order - but the smell got so bad I ran away, but stayed in touch via Forums with all teh pain.

My Buy price was to be $87,000. The base model doesn’t even have safety feature you get on a 30k car, so $59 is not … realistic


Many if not most or all of these ‘motoring reviews’ are bland advertorials rather than objective reports. Perhaps a bit like some of the recent Choice reviews that are regurgitated compendiums of manufacturer/business supplied data?

Then there are what they call road tests and hands on experiences, somewhat more objective.

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are we going to get pedantic here?

Yes and some variants are >$100,000. Just to get commonly available safety packages is +++

My car was to be $87,000.

but OK base model $60k + Onroad - top model $100,000 so I am right in the middle when I call it an $80k car

# Polestar 2 temporarily losing feature due to chip shortage.

that story was dated 1 March.

Look now at the configurator for the 2023 model … No pixel lights until 2024. That’s hardly “temporary”

My order was placed 14th February - for not 12 week but August ++ delivery and I was told they are taking the Pixel lights off me. ( and many others)

Not initially - permanently. ( In Australia and I understand everywhere else except the USA.

There are NO plans to go though dealers.

Volvo Dealers have refused the offer to be delivery / service agents. Multiple data sources including a Volvo Dealer principle I spoke with personally.

The references were provided as a source of pricing and what content has been released for general consumption. I’ve noted @gary1 reply. Individual experiences with the purchase of new vehicles vary. The lack of direct support or dealership arrangement would be a significant concern, given the lack of widespread expertise, and disconnect with Volvo.

For a model that is not new in the automotive world, including RHD in the UK market any serious issues with the design of the Polestar 2 should be readily apparent from OS commentary.

The unresolved question for me is whether the issues raised are a true reflection on the design and quality of the vehicles imported to Australia? Looking elsewhere suggests that the vehicle is not a lemon nor poorly designed?

YES ! always the service arrangements are more important. I bought my first and last Mercedes 3 years ago based on service alone. I Returned another car 25 years ago for a full refund because of so many faults. I had a VW stuck in second gear when it was 12 hours old and a Honda go back within a week with a door / remote issue.

WHY is servicing more important? A car is not a single transaction but a 5 year relationship. The warranty period and in Polestar’s case they include all servicing for 3 years (yet nowhere to get it serviced!)

A Car is a far more complex and expensive purchase than anything else. Do we take our fridge in for an oil change? new wheels? wheel alignment? I suggest most purchases of consumer goods are buy-use - replace. we fix less and less, but not when the item costs a years’ salary. That makes cars and the need for good servicing critical.

A car is vital to our work or to get to work. When its Vehicle Off Road (DOA) its far more critical to our life than a toaster or a TV out of order

And these cars are the first android cars and have far more IT/ Software problems than any other device I have even known. Yes the OS forums told us about the TCAMM( 4g/ wifi connection ) was a known problem - but promised to be fixed ( ist not not) Its reportedly the same unit used in Volvo cars - but they have service agents / retailers to do the resets and replacements

After sales service is far more critical for cars more than anything else. What would you think of a toaster or fridge that had NO service agents anywhere in Australia and no one trained to fix them and no parts available? and on top of that no distribution system ( Polestars are being delivered in disused warehouses on a monthly lease and in Pub carparks etc. But mostly locked in a holding yard in Erskine Park and not moving for 5 weeks ++)

Please do your homework - I have , thoroughly. Or at least read the Polestar Forum before suggesting that I am mistaken or making up stories. "Looking elsewhere " is what data source? The car is lovely, nice design, drives well. It is the repair support and the software / IT that are a disaster, and a well planned fiasco. Plus the direct online sales a complete stuff up, and not even plans in progress to address that outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

And please recall that buyers in the ACT even today cannot get what they paid for because Polestar cannot figure our how to register the cars. Deliveries in Qld were pushed back because they had cars in BNE that they could not get registered. Its all “dog ate my homework” stuff.

thats how you deliver a world class Shonky

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1 I tried to buy one and got well down the line before I smelled disaster and ran away. . And have emails to show Choice should they wish to Audit me for a Shonky award. Including emails from the Communications manger and the AU CEO.

2 Rather that call me BS =(I took offence but I guess that it sounds unbelievable - so I will take a chill pill)- I suggest that you start reading the experience of others here [Australian Polestar 2 Delivery Date | Polestar Forum](https://Polestar Forum AU deliveries) 145 pages of pain so far and more to come.

3 I have had coffee with other buyers and discussed

4 I met with a Volvo dealer principle and have his advice

5 Since it all went to faeces, the Marketing manager stopped making posts on the above Forum. There has been one media release saying that had " recommenced deliveries " under an improved system or some BS like that. Translated is that they got the Polestar on the registration database so they cab actually register vehicles.

Where did I do that? I asked where you got your information.

I prefer to start with your knowledge of the situation and take it from there. I take it that the list you gave initially is a mix of your own experience and those of other members of the forum you mentioned. You could have just said that.

As for asking about the vendor’s perspective that isn’t calling anybody a liar only trying to see all sides of the story. There is always more than one side of any consumer dispute.

I’ll apologise if that has been how you felt. It was not intended. Your first hand experience with ordering is an eye opener.

In following the general media on EV’s I’ve also looked to sources in the UK/Europe and the USA. Mostly commercially identified. Homework includes providing references (links) to other sources of information. There are always multiple sources of content and information. As someone looking to purchase an EV it’s useful to know you have been able to connect to one group who have ordered or purchased a Polestar 2 in Australia. Thanks for the link. Reading others experiences first hand is always to be preferred.

I owe a few apologies here. Thank you all for your interest and patience.

The whole topic of cars - I’m surprised how much anxiety it now causes me. I went to the dentist the other day and noticed that visit was less stressful than walking into a car dealership.

Sorry - sincerely.


We need to revisit the legislation / regulations over car sales.

The current Demand> supply mixed with the ethics of the car industry have led to new consumer challenges and Choice needs to realize this, become proactive and start work on remedies, Vis:

  1. Dealers take deposits, making false claims that the car can be delivered by s certain time when they know that is impossible. The scheming seems to be – lock you in and when you find out the car is not here, you are in a corner because if you go elsewhere, you go back to the end of along waiting line. They have you locked in under false pretences.

a… Is that Fraudulent? Should manufacturers be required to confirm ETA via dealer back to the customer within the (new) compulsory contract cooling off period.
b. Deposits should be securely held in a trust account . ( I fear some dealers will go bankrupt taking deposits with them. It smells like Honda will shut down within a year or so etc)
b.2 - when buyers are required to prepay 100% days or weeks before delivery, those moneys are also held in a Trust account or escrow. Interest accrued goes to the buyer OR to pay for the Ombudsman.
c. All contracts to be expressly written with a drop-dead date. Time is the essence of the contract and a failure to deliver on time means automatic contract cancellation unless buyer agrees in writing to an extension to a new drop dead date. Never a new contract as some dealers do now.

d. An industry funded Ombudsman. Making complaints simpler and quicker. ( small claims Courts now backed up 9 months) +Perhaps who also administers the central Escrow or Trust account.

Chip shortage has seen features dropped, and its importers who revalue the car, ie the value of the lost feature

e. Accessory packs can continue, but the value of each component needs to be pre specified.
f. A drop in features is sufficient for the buyer to decide to drop the entire contract.

EV’s are seeing new entrants Polestar and BYD and others. None of these have serious assets in Australia if they go belly up. Or we get into a deeper trade war with China

The law says that they must provide service and spares for a "reasonable " time. However, Polestar has not announced any service locations or dealers ( but one seems to be happening in Perth) They are already delivering vehicles - that HAS to be illegal ? Or should be!

While it would be possible for a new buyer to pay for their own repairs, no one in AU is trained or has the spares or diagnostic software. ( This is an Android car - all very new) Maybe the penalty is a loan car / rental car at Polestars expense until Polestar fixes it - not through the courts but via an ombudsman.

Price rises. We have seen scams where the contract says the contract is subject to changes in RRP. But what the dealer did was say “you have to come and sign a new contract at a new price” Legally and safely the buyer and new price is covered by the first contract. Guess what – the new contract had a price increase greater than the rise in RRP! That’s is wrong but not illegal – and something an Ombudsman can handle best.

Lemon Law - 3 VOR issues in a year and the buyer can ask for a full refund , to be effected within 30 days. Needs to be better defined eg a flat tyre is not counted as a VOR issue.

Tesla ( USA) has just announced that buyers will no longer be able to buy the car at the end of the lease ( Payout figure ) . In AU legally that is correct A lease ( as distinct from a loan) is more of a “rental” which makes the entire monthly tax deductable ( for a business or notated lease) . However there is an unwritten practice that allows lessees to buy out the car for the say 40% residual, when the car is worth a lot more.

It was 30 years ago when Interest rates and inflation were very high that one enterprising (read scammer) company offered very attractive leasing rates on luxury cars. These cars ( Porsches etc) often sold for more than the buy price three years earlier, so owners looked forward to a tidy profit.

But the leasing company stuck to the law, took back the car at the end of 36 months and made huge profits . It was legal but seen as a scam. They never wrote another contract when the word got our but for 3 years made a very tidy profit.

with the expansion of Novated leasing to people who don’t understand the law, exposes thousands to such scams and losses.

Any other suggestions?

Wouldn’t buy any vehicle that has been manufactured in China. So many products manufactured in China are sub standard. Volvo has obviously fallen from its pedestal as a quality safe car. So sad.

And many are as good as they come, including many designer brands.

How have you come to that conclusion? Because of Polestar marketing into Australia?

There are a few outlets in the USA (closer to ‘home’?)

but apparently not so many in Australia but that does not reflect on safety.