5 steps to better, cheaper health insurance

The cost of private health insurance is set to increase in April. Get ahead and start to review your options as you may be able to lock in savings, here’s where to start:


I used to be the Risk Manager for Medibank Private and the Health Insurance Commission. My second major was in economics. First major was Info. Systems.

I am skeptical about lots of things.

Private Health Insurance is not - IMO - a particularly good buy.

If you become seriously ill, go to the nearest public hospital.


I have Silver Plus Hospital Insurance no extras and I pay $138.61 a month Is this good value?

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Welcome to the community @Yvonne3

I have moved your post into this existing topic on ways to find better and cheaper health insurance. This isn’t meant to reflect that your insurance is dearer or less worthwhile, indeed it may be a worthwhile policy. In the first post there is a link to a CHOICE article on what to look out for in policies, I think this may help you find out if your policy is what you need or not.

At the bottom of the CHOICE article is a link to a comparison tool

And further up in the article is a link to a quiz that may help you decide if you need insurance, what type, or perhaps if you don’t need it.

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