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$40 Vodafone prepaid credit expiring in 7 days - Donate?

I have $40 worth of Vodafone prepaid credit that expires in 7 days. What can I do with it? Is there a premium SMS service or phone call that I can do to perhaps donate the value to a worthy charity or non-profit? Cashback?


Brilliant idea, but I couldn’t find anything. Optus have a system to donate unused credits to the needy, but that doesn’t help you.

Perhaps you could call Vodafone and ask?

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Absolute classic.


This linked article is actually 7 years old (2013) and it cost ₤10 back then. With the advancement in technology it should cost less.

So I’m surprised no-one has made a cashback premium number.


Thanks for searching.

However that search results is misleading. If you click through you’ll find it was for a trial that ended in December 2019.

Others don’t use up credit but are merely links to credit card forms.

In the end, I donated the money to Telstra by calling three of my Telstra/Belong SIMs. It took under two hour to reduce Vodafone credit to zero using conference call whilst I did other things.

I know this is two years old but with the documented on government website premium rate scams there are no services to do good by donating to charity or some cause?