4 Hackers indicted for hacking 500 million Yahoo accounts

Taken nearly 3 years but finally the Yahoo hackers will answer for what they did . Well here’s hoping .



Well, according to the ABC one of four will answer to the courts IF they can extradite him from Canada. The others are well hidden in Russia.


Tamas that’s why I wrote "here’s hoping " in the post . I really can’t see , in all honesty , these four being bought to justice . Extradition will be nigh on impossible .


The Russians are in jail in Russia for spying on Russia


I’d avoid using Yahoo after all the privacy violations.

If you want encrypted, secure email use Protonmail: https://protonmail.com/

The servers are in Switzerland and has better privacy than other providers.


So the message to hackers? Don’t get caught.

The message to Yahoo? Meh.

This is punishing the wrong people. Yahoo had poor security. It knew it had been breached. It failed to improve its security, or to tell its customers that their information had been stolen.

Until companies are punished for failing to protect their customers, these breaches will continue to happen and customers will continue to learn that their personal data has been lost way too late to actually be able to mitigate the damage. The recently announced changes to Australian law goes part-way there, in encouraging companies to tell their customers immediately they discover a breach (although that in turn may encourage them not to look - and to play semantics with what a breach consists of). We need more, and the efforts need to be international in focus. There is no excuse for Yahoo to simply get a slap on the wrist for this egregious behaviour. Simply denying its boss her annual bonus (of TWO MILLION DOLLARS!), and sacking the chief lawyer, is not enough! There is a problem when your security people are saying ‘this is bad’ and are told to shut up.

Of course, it is likely that this will get worse before it gets better. Approval of a new Internet standard for Digital Rights Management (DRM) will allow companies to hide their mistakes and force consumers through hoops simply to access things they have paid for. You can read an explainer by Cory Doctorow here.

Worse, the US government is considering making it illegal to break DRM - even when you are investigating a product’s security (another EFF explainer)! That would mean all the individuals, companies, universities etc. that currently examine IT products and websites for security holes would be unable to do that any more. The only people who would have the ability to continue researching products for research holes would be the Bad Guys! Even companies like Google and Microsoft are opposing this proposal - but the movie and music making industries are right behind it. Of course; many have a history in this… such as Sony, which issued music CDs containing a rootkit that infected users’ PCs and created gaping security holes!

The online world will continue to be a dangerous place for Jeremy and Jemima Average, for many years to come.


Not really effective; I got spam emails from four of my contacts with yahoo accounts only the other day so it seems as if yahoo is still having trouble.

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It can only get worse . With the Mirai and Hajime Botnets running rampant out there in cyberland who knows what the future holds .

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